Making of the 2018 RS and Bayonet

The all new 2018 RS and the Bayonet offer the recreational paddler and competitive athlete alike boards that will help them achieve their best days out on the water. These boards are the result of over a decade long journey of studying, learning, innovating, refining all on the quest to design the best possible boards for the paddler and the conditions they will paddle in. It has been an elusive goal to find perfection knowing that there are so many variables, however, finding the design that accommodates the widest variety of paddler sizes, styles and conditions, we believe that in these boards we have created some amazing tools for the task.

Taking the feedback from our team, ambassadors and the everyday joe’s these boards offer an amazing range of performance, allowing the recreational paddler to enjoy them whether for fitness, touring or recreational racing. These shapes allow for the aspiring racer to graduate all the way to elite level and team SIC is proving this, taking podiums around the world. Never has SIC made boards with such versatility and adaptive performance for paddlers of all abilities and disciplines.

SIC Founder and Shaper Mark Raaphorst has been repairing, designing, shaping paddle boards and other watercraft such as outrigger canoes, windsurfers, surfboards for over 30 years, and is known best for designing some of the most high performing stand up paddle boards in the world. With each new year, his dedication to the craft drives him to push the boundaries of conventional design delivering boards that are purpose built, effortless to paddle and made with the highest quality standards and craftsmanship.

“My goal is to design a better, lighter, sleeker, faster, stronger, and more maneuverable creations. This is what inspired me from the outset and what still fuels a certain childlike excitement for me each and every day,” says Raaphorst.


With the creation of the RS, SIC brings a totally new and innovative design that is highly versatile and extremely fast. For more than two years, SIC developed and tested innumerable shapes, starting at the Pacific Paddle Games 2016, creating countless prototypes, refining and honing in on the perfect design characteristics. Then in 2017, all the R&D came together in what would become the RS which has been rigorously tested by some of SUP’s top competitive athletes, including SIC Maui Global Athlete Kody Kerbox and Seychelle Hattingh Webster.

“The RS boards have been exactly what I have been looking for over the last few seasons. The increased nose volume helps me deal with choppy water and head wind, while the overall shape is very fast in flat water. The channel on the bottom of the board makes the board track incredibly well so you get more strokes in on each side before switching and this allows you to maintain a higher average speed and straighter line. It also works great downwind and can handle 20 foot surf like the Red Bull Heavy Water at Ocean Beach in San Francisco! This is the all around race board I need for every condition,” says Kody.

Native of the Florida Keys and title holder of the World’s Fastest Female Paddler achieved on the RS, SIC Global Athlete Seychelle was also highly involved in the testing of the RS Series. Paddling the RS in all different conditions and in the most competitive events in the world, Seychelle has validated that the RS meets the demands of the world’s top racers.

“It's been really awesome working with SIC Maui and Mark Raaphorst to design the new RS boards. The first thing I did after joining the team was visit Maui and the Ding King headquarters to see where all the magic happens. I'm really pumped with how the board came out. It's a true all water race board. It's helping me so much to feel more comfortable and confident in the ocean,” says Seychelle.


After years of shaping, testing, racing and creating world-class watercraft and the most victorious downwind board in the world, Raaphorst took all of this cumulative knowledge into the shaping bay and what came out was the Bayonet 14.0 and Bayonet 17.1. A sleek, narrow and super-fast downwind board designed to dominate in sub-twenty knot conditions. With the new model, the focus was on early planing capability and increasing top end speed. Although the Bullets undoubtedly remain some of the fastest downwind boards in the world, the Bullet features a wider shape, ideal for paddlers who want speed without giving up rail-to-rail stability.

The Bayonet was specifically designed to be stable, plane early in smaller swell and pierce through headon wind and chop. These are often similar conditions that paddlers face on their local downwind runs. With the Bayonet, paddlers get a fast and comfortable ride that has surprising rail-to-rail stability for the boards overall width. With a similar rocker line and nose (but with more volume) to the Bullet, the Bayonet is built to fly downwind and maneuver well through bumps.

“Over the years I have watched the evolution of SIC’s unlimited boards and it seems everything they have learned from countless hours in Hawaiian waters has led to the Bayonet. It is the ultimate downwind board for anyone who wants to be competitive in a downwind race. The lower rocker makes it very fast when the wind gets light, and yet it can handle the windiest conditions you will take it out in if you know how to surf. It is my go to board for all the races here in Hawaii,” says Kody Kerbox.

From the start, SIC has been committed to creating world-class boards. With these two new 2018 additions, the goal was to provide paddlers of every size and ability a board that they feel confident riding. A board that will bring them an unbeatable experience on the water. And a board that will help them rise to the top of the podium.