Okeanos: Fitness, Touring & Voyaging The Unknown

The new Okeanos series is named after the ancient Greek god of the sea and was further inspired by the NOAA Ship “Okeanos Explorer” located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The purpose of this ship is to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean intent on discovery and the advancement of knowledge. The 2019 Okeanos range is focused on fitness, touring and voyaging the unknown, so thus the name was chosen.



A Shared DNA With The RS Race Board Range

The Okeanos shares similar DNA with the RS series, however, this board is made for recreational paddling and journeying rather than racing. It paddles with ease and is capable of maintaining a fast pace and efficient glide. The concave in the tail on the bottom helps to maintain a straighter line, higher average speed and greater glide.



A Smooth Ride That Will Power Through Wind & Cross-Chop

The nose chine in the bow softens the ride in rough waters and tracks extremely well into the wind and in cross-chop. The generous tail width and full, squared-up rails make this board extremely stable. The wide point in the front section of the board has been shifted forward which also adds to the overall stability.



Ready To Take On Any Type Of Adventure

Whether you're gearing up for a longer expedition or going fishing in your local waters, the Okeanos has been outfitted with numerous tie-downs and inserts to mount your cargo and accessories. These boards are capable of running either a single fin or two thrusters for paddling in shallow or rocky waters and reducing the draft of the board.



Check Out The Okeanos In Action

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Bri Andrassy goes SUP fishing on the Okeanos while shooting for Salt Life.

After a chilly winter season, Ben Gareiss takes his Okeanos out in Traverse City, Michigan.

Casi Rynkowski kicks back for a minute on her stable Okeanos while leading a SUP instructor certification course.

Kimberly Anderson mid SUP-lesson at Stand Up Outfitters with Kate Lewis.

Locked and loaded!