RS Air-Glide: The Inflatable Rocket Ship

Short for “Rocket Ship”, the SIC Maui RS series has proven to be one of the fastest all-water boards in the world. Deriving its shape and dimensions from the RS composite paddleboards, the inflatable Air-Glide RS boards are light, stiff, and fast. Whether you’re looking to race or simply explore your local waters and paddle recreationally, these multi-discipline shapes are versatile, convenient, and offer incredible performance.


Unrivaled Performance And Technology

The Finest Drop Stitch Construction

With the growing demand for inflatable fitness, cruising, and racing paddleboards, SIC has focused on innovating to serve up the best technology and performance in an inflatable board. The RS Air-Glide series is made from the finest Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) and Fusion Skin Technology (FST). With FST offering the stiffest boards at the lowest possible weight at 15-20 psi, the RS Air-Glide translates to the highest performance inflatables on the market. SIC’s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal.


Higher Volume, More Stability

Striking A Balance Between Glide And Stability

The Air-Glide RS boards strike a great balance between glide and stability. Currently offered in three different lengths of 11’0, 12’6, 14’0 - with three widths to choose from in the 14’0 option - there is size for every paddler profile. The wider options are great for beginner to intermediate paddlers while the narrower boards will allow more experienced paddlers to paddle faster.


Versatile And Convenient

Perfect For Limited Storage Spaces

The inflatable Air-Glide RS paddleboards are great if you have limited storage space, have a small car, are on the run and never know when you will have time to hit the water or simply like the versatility and convenience. You can keep your board with you at all times and have a board for any condition. Each board comes with a backpack style bag, takes up very little space, and is equipped with a high volume/high pressure pump. 

Inflatable SUPs like the Air-Glide RS are also perfect for having fun with the whole family. You can take a knock to the head and it hurts just a little bit less. If you or your kids like to play rough or want to keep this board on the dock or deck of your boat, you cannot beat the durability. You can drop it or run it onto the rocks and for the most part not worry about it. In the event of a puncture, all SIC inflatables come equipped with a repair kit that’s as easy as fixing a flat tire on your bike.


What People Are Saying About the Air-Glide RS

Supconnect and SupBoarder Reviews


“SIC Maui runs with the slogan ‘Best in Class’ and no doubt this is a best-in-class inflatable. It takes after the racing shape of it’s composite counter part and on the bottom of the board you even have two features that mimic the channels to help the board track. The tail on the board is a bit wider which help to make it more stable and the graphics stick to the minimalist and elegant look that SIC Maui is known for.”

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"If you're looking to get into racing this year and you want to travel around and have the ease of using an iSUP and you are picking flatwater based races, this board is going to be able to keep up with some of the fastest boards in the market and even some hard composite boards as well."

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