Seychelle Victorious at Osaka SUP Open

SIC Global Team athletes Seychelle (USA), Jade Howson (USA), and Martin Vitry (France) traveled across the world to Japan last week for the APP World Tour Osaka SUP Open. They were greeted by our SIC Ohana in Japan, including fellow SIC athletes Rai Taguchi, Rika Okuaki, and Shou Kikukawa, for the APP World Tour Osaka SUP Open.


Day 1 - Technical Race

The first day of the event held the sprint races. In the Men’s Pro division Rocket Rai Taguchi showed up big to battle it out against some of the top paddlers in the world. Riding his RS 12’6 x 22, he flew fast to knock out big name paddlers one by one and make his way to the semi final round. He finished in 7th place.

Jade Howson also made her presence known in the sprints, getting through to the final round and finishing in 4th place. Still in high school, Jade has proved herself to be a fierce young competitor and major threat on the APP World Tour and beyond. Jade began the sprints on the RS14 x21'5 and ultimately switched to the RS 12'6x22 for the later rounds.


Day 2 - Long Distance

Due to the effects of Typhoon No.15, the windy and tough conditions on the river posed an extra challenge during the long distance races. Competing against the world’s top distance racers, Martin Vitry showed a strong fighting spirit to finish in 7th place in the Men’s Pro Division, trailed by fellow SIC teammate Rai Taguchi in 14th. Both raced on the RS14 x 21'5.

In the Women’s Pro division, Seychelle shined bright. Despite an upset in the sprint race where she took a fall and a penalty in the semi finals, she looked stronger than ever and put on an inspirational performance to clinch the distance title.

“About 1 mile from the finish, I made a surge to the front and didn’t slow down or look back till I crossed the finish line,” wrote Sechelle in an Instagram post after the event. “I knew and felt right from the washy start to the washy finish, I had the right combo under my feet.”

Seychelle’s world class distance race on her RS14x21'5 not only earned her the distance win, but also the Osaka SUP Open Overall win. Seychelle currently sits at the top of the APP World Tour Women’s Sprint, Distance, and Overall leaderboards.

Local SIC racer Rika Okuaki had solid performance in both the sprint and distance races to take 8th overall in the Women’s Pro division for the weekend.


Overall Results for Team SIC

Men Pro

  • Martin Vitry - 12th
  • Rai Taguchi - 13th
  • Shou Kikukawa - 19th

Women Pro

  • Seychelle - 1st
  • Jade Howson - 7th
  • Rika Okuaki - 8th

Photo credit: Nommy