​SIC Maui Introduces 2018 Downwind Bayonet Series

SIC’s all new competitive downwind race board, the Bayonet, has arrived. After evolving through several different prototypes and being tested by some of the world’s best SUP athletes, including Connor Baxter who went on to take first place riding the Bayonet 17.1 at the 2017 Maui 2 Molokai, the Bayonet is officially here. With the genius of Master Shaper Mark Raaphorst along with the experience of the entire SIC team, without a doubt the Bayonet is one of the best downwind boards ever created for elite paddlers and paddlers looking for superior downwind performance, especially in 20 +/- knots of wind.

Bayonet Series

The strong trade winds and ocean swells in places like Maui make for perfect paddling conditions on the water. Most places around the world don’t get these ideal conditions, and instead have much lighter winds. With the 2018 Bayonet Series, SIC Founder and Master Shaper Mark Raaphorst designed a series of boards that are geared specifically towards competitive downwind racing in light wind areas.

The Bayonet has an increased rail volume and nose thickness, which gives the rail, especially in the front, a very boxy section. This rail shape prevents water from coming onto the deck, keeping the deck dryer and maintaining less weight on the board, which is helpful in lighter wind conditions. In the front third of the board, unlike the F and Bullet Series boards which have an accentuated nose lift, the Bayonet Series has a more gradual curve which helps to maintain a glide in lighter wind. The thickness in the bow will make the board poke out of water easily in swell periods without bucking paddlers left or right.

Aesthetically, the board features high gloss polished rails against a matte varnished tail and sanded primer nose and bottom. The Bayonet 14.0 comes in red while the Bayonet 17.1 comes in blue. By implementing a few key factors, the SIC Design Team created a lightweight, slim, and sleek series that is bound to put athletes on the podium.

Bayonet Key Features

  • Designed for light wind areas

  • Increased rail volume and nose thickness

  • Gradual curve in front for maintaining a glide

  • Thick bow

  • High gloss polished rails

  • Sanded primer nose and bottom
EZ-grab center handle

Bayonet 14.0 x 26”

The Bayonet 14.0 has a large square tail that helps with stability. The parallel rails provide a bigger platform for side-to-side stability. For the bottom design, Raaphorst stuck with his well-proven concept - a double concave front, flat midsection, and panel V in the tail. The double concave structure helps prolong the glide, while the flat midsection helps with stability and the panel V ensures that the board is easy to maneuver.

Bayonet 17.1 x 25”

The Bayonet 17.1 implements F.A.S.T. (Foot Actuated Steering Technology) (http://www.sicmaui.com/blog/sic-introduces-fast-foot-actuated-steering-technology/), a revolutionizing control and navigation system designed and patented by SIC. FAST provides paddlers convenient, reliable, and flexible steering assistance on the water that is durable and safe. Along with FAST, the Bayonet 17.1 also features a built-in GoPro mount.