SIC RS & Okeanos Receive Supconnect A-Grade Rating

The 2019 Supconnect reviews have been announced and SIC is proud to receive Supconnect's highest recognition - an A Grade Rating - for both the RS and Okeanos. With a shared DNA, both boards have been lauded for their stability, versatility, and all around fun factor. 


RS Review

"The RS by SIC Maui is short for ‘Rocket Ship’ and the name suits the board perfectly... The SIC Maui RS definitely lived up to the expectations and all the hype around it and is simply one of the best flatwater race boards on the market." - Supconnect

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Okeanos Review

"If we could describe the SIC Maui Okeanos in one word it would be: fun. The Okeanos is a brand new model for SIC Maui that we’re really stoked on. Primarily meant for touring, the Okeanos is really stable and has a huge traction pad area that allows you to move towards the nose and tail with ease." - Supconnect

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Air Glide RS Review

In addition to the RS and Okeanos, Supconnect also reviewed the new Air Glide RS, as well as the Bayonet and F boards.

"SIC Maui runs with the slogan ‘Best in Class’ and no doubt this is a best-in-class inflatable. It takes after the racing shape of it’s composite counter part and on the bottom of the board you even have two features that mimic the channels to help the board track."

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Bayonet Review 

"If you’re looking for a premium downwind board that can surf and also be quite versatile on flat water then take a look at the Bayonet from SIC Maui. Designed as a downwind board, the Bayonet has an extra rocker on the nose to really catch that bump out in the ocean or the river/lake."

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F Review

"The F12 is the legacy, and also flagship downwind board for SIC Maui. The board is incredibly versatile for someone who is in the surf a lot, doing downwinders, needs a bit more of a rocker to handle chop and something that is a bit tighter to maneuver around the lineup but can also cover a lot of distance, then check out the F12."

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All photos are courtesy of Supconnect.