Sonni Hönscheid Crowned 3-Time M2O Champion

OAHU, Hawaii - SIC Global Team Athlete Sonni Hönscheid was once again crowned the women's champion at the 20th Annual Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships on Sunday, July 31st. On the 32 mile crossing Ka’iwi Channel, Hönscheid defended her back to back titles for the three peat with a commanding lead over Annabel Anderson, with the official finishing times at 5:01:40 to Anderson's 5:17:26. 

"The Molokai 2 Oahu is my biggest race of year," said Hönscheid. "A lot of preparation is required, physically but also mentally. I came to Maui four weeks before race to get used to the tempers of the Pacific Ocean. The day of the race I had the feeling that I was ready to cross the Ka'iwi Channel, knowing I have the best escort crew I could imagine and the best board under my feet."

Hönscheid won the race on her SIC Maui Custom Bullet 17.4 Unlimited with her SIC Battle Paddle in hand. 

"I had a good start, trying to catch every single little bump in front of me," said Hönscheid. "Towards the middle the wind kicked in with some nice long glides. Then it started raining, with the rain the ocean got mixed up, as did as my feelings. I didn't know which position I was in. I couldn't see the other girls. Luckily I had my crew cheering me on, reminding me to paddle strong, catch glides and enjoy the ride. Coming in was a grind, head wind, the buoys of the finish line looked so far away. Every single stroke approaching them was hard. When you reach your limits - you have to overcome your limits!"

Hönscheid's third straight M2O title is a feat that has never been accomplished, leaving her mark as the undisputed queen of the open ocean on the stand up paddleboarding race circuit. SIC teammates Kenny Kaneko & Lena Ribeiro also had a strong showing in the M2O this weekend. SIC Global Team Athlete Kaneko finished eighth over all with a official finish time of 4:30:39. SIC Brazil Team Ambassador Ribeiro just missed the podium with a strong forth place finish in the women's bracket finishing at 6:03:58.

"Taking part in Molokai 2 Oahu was my dream since I started paddling," said Hönscheid. "Crossing this channel with your own power... it's a feeling I cannot describe in words. I am very honored and thankfull to be able to take part in such a special event that means so much to me. Winning this crossing for three times now? I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize it. I am extremely happy, relaxed and ready to do some fun Maliko runs with the SIC Ohana."

About Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships
Founded in 1997, M2O has grown from a grassroots challenge for the legendary lifeguards and watermen of O’ahu to the premiere event for the sport of paddleboarding. The annual race is a deeply personal experience, challenging every paddler’s physical and mental endurance. Every finisher experiences an individual championship.For more information please visit www.molokai2oahu.com

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Photo: Molokai2Oahu / 808photo.me