Team SIC Makes a Splash at The 2018 Pacific Paddle Games

Another year of the Pacific Paddle Games has officially come and gone and it was definitely a memorable one. With SIC athletes, ambassadors, and families traveling from all over the U.S./Hawaii, France, Japan, Brazil, Tahiti, Portugal, Panama, U.K., Finland and Spain to Dana Point, California, it was yet another action-packed week of racing and team bonding. SIC had 15 paddlers under the age of 17 years old making a statement that it’s actively investing in its youth program and products and these young up-and-comers surely shined bright. The SIC Open Class and Global Elite also had a great event and we are proud of all our SIC athletes. Check out the highlights from this year’s Pacific Paddle Games, put on by SUP The Mag and Salt Life.

Pro and Junior Pro Races


Seychelle (USA) was on fire in the distance race, maneuvering strongly through the bumpy conditions and positioning herself in the lead as she came around the final buoy. Unfortunately, as she was headed back to the beach, a junior competitor caught a wave and surfed right into her, taking her down in the final moments of the race and allowing Fiona Wylde to overtake her. She recovered quickly enough to catch the next wave with Candice Appleby and Shae Foudy, who were now sitting in 2nd and 3rd, and ran up the beach finishing in 4th. Regardless of the setback, Seychelle had an incredibly strong race in a highly competitive lineup of international athletes and was stoked with her own performance. In the Technicals, she finished in 5th place, giving her an awesome 4th place overall for the weekend.

Paddling in her own backyard, Global Athlete Jade Howson (USA) was dominant in the Junior Pro division, picking up the win (1st) in the Distance, (1st) Technical, and winning the (1st) Overall. Jade also competed in the Pro Women’s Technical division which basically doubles the amount of paddling in already exhausting conditions, finishing in 7th against a stacked group of elite women. Coming off of a recent neck-and-neck battle with Seychelle for first at the Battle of the Bay in San Francisco, Jade was looking equally as strong at Doheny and her medals go to show for it.

Women’s Pro Distance

4th - Seychelle

Women's Pro Technical

5th - Seychelle

7th - Jade Howson

Women's Pro Overall

4th - Seychelle

Women’s Junior Pro Distance

1st - Jade Howson

Women’s Junior Pro Technical

1st - Jade Howson

Women’s Junior Pro Overall

1st - Jade Howson


On the men’s side, Global Athlete Martin Vitry and Brazilian Rider Guilherme Dos Reis - both riding the RS - faced a stacked field of international athletes in the Distance and Technical races. Frenchman Martin Vitry made it through several rounds of the Technicals to finish (7th) in the technical and (19th) in the distance, giving Vitry (11th) place overall for the weekend.

Guilherme, the darkhorse of the weekend, layed down a killer performance to land him on the podium in both the Distance (3rd) and Technical (2nd) races giving him the 2nd spot for the Overall. Both Guilherme Dos Reis and David Leão had just enough money from their winnings in Brazil to buy plane tickets to come to America. They had $300.00 in their pocket combined. They did not have enough money for a hotel or to register for the event nor did they have boards but borrowed some initially that did not work so well for them. 

They went to Mike Eisert’s Paddle Academy practice and tried some of the new SIC boards and immediately asked Coach Mike Eisert if SIC had more boards. Mike knew SIC had a few Rockets that it could allocate from its athlete quiver and viola, the boys finally had the tools to compete, but still not a place to stay and no money to register. They came to the SUPIA beach BBQ and some other parties and got some free grinds and then slept on the beach at Dohey that night. They managed to pull together some money for a hotel from friends and got some additional assistance to register for the race. Once the race was off Gui and David both showed the world that they are hungry both figuratively and literally.

The 3rd place position in the Distance race was against the best paddlers in the world. The entire crowd at PPG were clamoring and wondering, who is this kid and did he really just beat almost all of the best paddlers in the world? Was this a fluke? Well, Gui and Martin Vitry showed that they were in it to win it, finishing 1st and 2nd in the 3rd qualifying round of the Technicals. In the Technical finals, Gui was out in front of the pack most of the race and exchanging at times with Lincoln Dews back and forth. On the 2nd to last wave Gui dropped in, the others missed the wave and Gui was on his own and out in front for the win. As he approached the buoy he bobbled and fell in, perhaps for the first time the entire event. Seven paddlers caught up to Gui including the legend himself Connor Baxter who took the lead. Gui got back up on his board and recovered almost all of the lost distance, coming is a close 2nd to Connor Baxter and finishing 2nd overall in the most prestigious, stacked and challenging SUP event in the world. The darkhorse is no longer in the dark as he brought the power, the skills, and the spotlight, showcasing his raw talent - and all at the ripe age of 20 years. Look for great things to come with Gui Dos Reis!!!

The SIC Men’s Junior Pro riders Rai Taguchi (Japan) finished (4th) in the technical, (6th) in distance and (6th) overall, Guilherme Cunha (Brazil) finished (6th) in the distance, (3rd) in the technical finishing (4th) overall, and Keaton Rose (USA) got (8th) in the technical and distance finishing (7th) overall. Slater Fleck (USA/HI) finished (9th) in the technical, (11th) distance giving him a combined result of (10th). 

David Leão (Brazil) the junior darkhorse who travelled to the U.S. with fellow paddler Guilherme Dos Reis was also a complete unknown to the PPG crowd and shocked everyone with his paddling prowess and skills. Leão finished (2nd) in the Junior Pro Distance, (4th) in the Technical and (3rd) in the overall. Overall team SIC held 5 out of the top 10 spots in the combined results.

Men’s Pro Distance

3rd - Guilherme Dos Reis

19th - Martin Vitry

DNF - Niuhiti Buillard (due to illness)

Men's Pro Technical

2nd - Guilherme Dos Reis

7th - Martin Vitry

Men's Pro Overall

2nd - Guilherme Dos Reis

11th - Martin Vitry

40th - Niuhiti Buillard

Men’s Junior Pro Distance

2nd - David Leao

4th - Rai Taguchi

6th - Guilherme Cunha

8th - Keaton Rose

9th - Slater Fleck

Men's Junior Pro Technical

3rd - Guilherme Cunha

4th - David Leao

6th - Rai Taguchi

8th - Keaton Rose

11th - Slater Fleck

Men's Junior Pro Overall

3rd - Leao, David

4th - Guilherme Cunha

6th - Rai Taguchi

7th - Keaton Rose

10th - Slater Fleck

Youth Races

The SIC groms stole the show over the weekend with paddlers as young as 9 years old coming out to race. In the 12-14 category, Zeke Rose turned up the heat in the distance, earning himself the top spot (1st) on the podium. He also picked up a (3rd) bronze in the Technicals. Bodie Von Allmen, the phenom from Portland, OR pulled out a (5th) in distance and Riley Jaggi landed an 8th in the Technical and (7th) in the Distance. Carter Campbell also paddled great, chalking up an (11th) in the distance and (12th) in the Technical. Kaitlin Harvey finished in (4th) place in the Girl’s Technical and in (5th) place in the Distance.

Maylee Jaggie was on fire in the Girl’s 11&U Division, taking home two (3rd) in the Distance and Technical races . And nine-year-old Jameson Roeber took down (1st) in the Super Grom Race and even held his own in the 11&U 6 mile Distance earning him a solid (4th) in the Technical races.

Elle Laakso flew all the way from Finland to compete and finished with a respectable (6th) place in the Youth Girls 15-17 Prone Technical.

We want to send an extra special thank you to Mike Eisert of the Paddle Academy for all the hard work he continues to do for our youth development program. Many of our SIC Groms train multiple times a week with The Paddle Academy, improving their skills and growing into better paddlers each and every day. 

Youth Distance - 12-14

1st - Zeke Rose

5th - Bodie Von Allmen

5th - Kaitlin Harvey

7th - Riley Jaggi

11th - Campbell Carter

Youth Technical - 12-14

3rd - Zeke Rose

4th - Kaitlin Harvey

5th - Bodie Von Allmen

8th - Riley Jaggi

12th - Campbell Carter

Youth Distance - 11&U

3rd - Maylee Jaggi

4th - Jameson Roeber

Youth Technical - 11&U

3rd - Maylee Jaggi

4th - Jameson Roeber

Super Grom Race

1st - Jameson Roeber

SUP The Mag Awards

While many of the SIC athletes had big weekends on the water, SIC Ambassador Will Schmidt won "Movie of the Year" at the SUP The Mag Awards for his documentary film "Through My Eyes." 1,386 miles and 1.25 million paddle strokes over 58 consecutive days led to his receipt of SUP The Mag’s 2014 "Top Expedition" Award, and now in 2018, his film documenting his life-changing stand up paddle of the Pacific Coast has also been recognized. You can now watch the award-winning film on Vimeo HERE. (https://vimeo.com/ondemand/throughmyeyesdoc)

And a special congratulations to Paddle IMUA on winning the Top Philanthropic SUP Award for their work raising funds for children with special needs.

SIC Ohana

PPG weekend is always one of our favorite events of the year. It brings together paddlers from all parts of globe for a fierce and fun weekend of racing. We are grateful to have so many different countries and continents represented on Team SIC and we are thankful of the hard work and hustle that each athlete puts into this sport. Congratulations to all on a great race weekend! Check out more photos from PPG below.

More PPG 2018 Photos

Jade Howson hits the beach with a solid lead to claim her victory.

Guilherme Dos Reis of Brazil feeling the stoke at PPG 2018.

Martin Vitry paddling hard back to shore during the Technicals.

Martin Vitry’s father, Greg Vitry (left), made the trip out to California with his son and also picked up 2 medals in the Open Division (40-49 years old), with an 8th place in the distance race and another 8th place in the technical race.

Matthias Hodges trained with Mike Eisert's Paddle Academy for the last few months capping his stay with a great performance before heading back home and to school in Chile.

Seychelle heading to the stage with the top 5 female finishers. 

Veronica Salas making the trip up to California from Panama for the Pacific Paddle Games.

Nine-year-old Jameson Roeber prepping for his Super Grom race on the RS 12’6.

SIC Ambassador Guilherme Cunha of Brazil feeling the stoke at PPG 2018.

SIC Ambassador Rai Taguchi feeling the stoke at Doheny.

Guilherme Cunha tries out the 2019 SIC Darkhorse surfboard for the first time at Doheny.

Up-and-coming SIC stars!

Jade Howson spending some time with the little Scatturo girls.

SIC Team pre-race BBQ!

Jade Howson’s father, Robert Howson, with the RS ‘Rocket Ship’ 14’ in hand.

Maylee Jaggi happily claiming her bronze medal.

SIC Groms Maylee Jaggi (left) and Jameson Roeber (right).

Rep Rider Campbell Carter (left).