The Board & Paddle Sonni Hönscheid Raced to a M2O Three-Peat

"The Molokai 2 Oahu is my biggest race of year," said SIC Global Team Athlete Sonni Hönscheid. "A lot of preparation is required, physically but also mentally. I came to Maui four weeks before race to get used to the tempers of the Pacific Ocean. The day of the race I had the feeling that I was ready to cross the Ka'iwi Channel, knowing I have the best escort crew I could imagine and the best board under my feet."

Hönscheid won the race on her SIC Maui Custom Bullet 17.4 Unlimited. Her SIC Maui Custom Bullet was sized to her specific specs at 17 feet and 4 inches by 25 inches wide. 

SIC Maui Custom on the island of Maui is the very location where SIC was born. If you are looking for a board customized for what you want out of a Five Star Performance paddleboard, the crew on Haliimaile will take care of you. SIC Maui Custom offers the complete range of SIC boards from the Surf Series, X Series flat water boards along side the famed open water boards which have been integral in placing SIC at the forefront of downwind paddling. 

Hönscheid's paddle of choice was our 2015 SIC Battle Paddle. The Battle Paddle is like no other paddle in the world. With a pre-preg carbon, tapered oval shaft, you get the lightest weight paddle that has minimal deflection for maximum stoke power. Fast, strong, and light weight is the winning combination. The blade is a light-weight Oxeon carbon fiber sandwiched over a high-quality, top secret, PVC foam core. The handle is a 100% carbon fiber, bladder molded construction with an ergo dynamic grip.