The Euro Tour Series and SIC Maui Make History

Saint-Jean-De-Monts, France - The Euro Tour’s Vendee Gliss event was able to be held on August 22, 2020. Even with the pandemic creating challenges the series was still able to happen a few months later than scheduled, but turned out to be highly successful. Many of the best paddlers throughout the world came out to be a part of this event, creating a momentous occasion in the race world for 2020.



SIC Maui made history at the event with the first ever “One Class” race within the Euro Tour Series. The One Class Division is where all competitors within that division compete on the exact same board provided by SIC Maui to compete. This helps create a fun way for competitors to be on the same playing field and try out the board for the first time.

“ONE CLASS is leveling the playing field within racing and is opening the doors to new paddlers whether they are male, female or youth paddlers. It also allows paddlers who are so inclined to graduate up into open and elite-class, but we all had to start somewhere” states Anthony Scaturro, Global Brand Manager for SIC Maui.

After being pushed back a few months the Vendee Gliss race was able to be a successful one by creating a significant occasion for us here at SIC Maui and allowing the competition to still be held by following safety requirements. We look forward to more One Class events here in the near future!


The Sonic board comes in the Sonic Art Blue (11.0” x 30” and 12’6” x 30”) and the Sonic Art Red (12’6” x 30”). The Sonic is known for its durability during fitness, touring, and recreational racing allowing a paddler to have a smooth and effortless paddle experience on the water. The Sonic allows you to paddle anywhere from flat water to cruising lakes, rivers, or even the open ocean. The Sonic is also one of the top boards right now in the “One Class” racing division, which is a growing endeavor within the sport.


SIC Maui focuses on pioneering by being the expert in the field of thermoformed composite construction technology for both Surf and Stand Up Paddle manufacturing. Our ACE-TEC technology for both SUP and surfboards has been refined over the past few years to give you the best experience possible. This allows a rider to be suited to the needs of what they are looking for with the unique combination of light weight, durability, and performance all at a great price point.

Learn more about the SIC Maui SONIC Paddle Boards & One Class Event here