Top Ten SIC Moments of 2016

The year 2016 was a great season for SIC and with the start of the start of the new year, let's take a look back at some of the SIC highlights.

10. Brazilian Women's Champion

SIC Maui Brazilian Athlete Lena Ribeiro is crowned the Brasileira de SUP Race Champion.

9. The Next Generation of Augaitis Arrives 

SIC Global Team Athlete Lina Augaitis became a pioneer in parenting and juggling a busy competitive schedule in paddleboarding with the birth of her son Tavas.

8. Vaz Joins SIC Global Team

Brazil Surf Champion Caio Vaz signs with the SIC Global Team.

7. SIC + Paddle Imua 

SIC returns as the title board sponsor for Imua Family Services' Paddle Imua.

6. Kaneko Upsets Lenny & Steinfath in Hong Kong

SIC Global Team Athlete Kenny Kaneko upsets Kai Lenny and Casper Steinfath at the Hong Kong International SUP Championship.

5. Honschied Winning Streak Continues

SIC Global Team Athlete Sonni Honschied wins 3rd straight M2O title, Mercedes Benz SUP World Cup, and Olukai for one of the most competitive podium streaks in paddleboarding this year.

4. SIC Introduced to the Middle East

SIC opens Dubai and Middle East with new distributor partnership throughout the United Arab Emirates.

3. SIC Agreement with PGA

SIC opens new distributor agreement for the Americas with Pryde Group America.

2. Moller Recovers From Injury

SIC Global Team Athlete Andrea Moller returns to paddleboard training from months of recovery time due to injury from big wave surfing.

1. FAST: Foot Actuated Steering Technology

In 2016 we announced the launch of FAST - Foot Actuated Steering Technology: into paddleboard the Market Place.

There were so many great moments in 2016 for SIC. Here's to a great new year with all of you who are Bound By Water... our SIC O'hana.