My inspirational quote for 2018 and what drove my work on the new 2019 shapes is: “Be the work of art in your backyard”. This slogan helped me go beyond my normal “make it fast and make it sexy”, and allowed me to conceive of slightly humbler designs focused on inspiring and giving confidence to paddlers looking to explore new places or go beyond geographic, emotional and physical boundaries.

These new designs reach back to voyager roots as opposed to the traditionally competitive pedigree that SIC has become known for. This year, I wanted to fuse performance with the culture and art I see in my backyard every day, from the Pacific Ocean to the lush forests of Maui.

In the Okeanos this inspiration is manifested in a more traditional look using natural wood and ocean-inspired line-art to symbolize voyaging and the waterman lifestyle. Aesthetically, the artwork spilled over into SIC’s new cruising (Saber and Sage) and surf shapes (Slice) which offer a balance of progressive shapes combined with a natural and organic appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m known as a guy who loves to make the fastest boards on the water, but I also love cruising and surfing with my friends and most of all my wife, Donna. Getting back to the roots of paddling for pleasure helps me remember what compelled me to leave the Netherlands when I was 16, to chase my dreams of becoming a waterman and master the craft of shaping.

Thank you for supporting SIC and for all you do to inspire me. While it may seem like I am a one-man-show, please know that there is whole team of passionate people and paddlers contributing to the creation of SIC’s great products. From our team of athletes to the folks in sales, marketing, customer service, shipping, finance, logistics, R&D, QC... There are many people working hard to ensure SIC’s aspirations are achieved and that you get the best products possible. SIC has a very special ohana and we hope that you feel this care and the aloha in every SIC product.

I look forward to seeing you on the water

Mahalo nui loa to all.

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