Shaper Note

Shaper Note



Since 2005 it has been my passion to help our SIC team-riders ascend to the top of the podium. Call it pride but I looked at it as a satisfying return on my personal investment and life’s work. The hours spent on the water, in the shaping bay and pushing the factory crew to build that next world-class shape has been well worth it. Juggling acceleration, maneuverability, speed, stability and aesthetics has made SIC a brand not only for the elite racer, but for the recreational paddler looking for a five star experience.

I am competitive by nature so I’ve often thought that being #1 was most important. Yet after 10 years, victory now has an expanded context beyond the podium. A remark on the beach from a paddler telling me they’ve just had the ride of their life now gives me just as much satisfaction. I want every person who rides a SIC board to have the ride of their life; whether that paddle is done on an ocean inlet, riding a fetch across the lake, on a river with an inflatable, or a paddle in the surf.

Mark Raaphorst best shaper of SIC Maui SUP or stand up paddle board


Fortunately, the SIC R&D center is located on Maui Hawaii, which offers a climate where we can test year-around and in all conditions. From calm and glassy, to crazy wind driven swell and rolling surf, Maui has it all and has proven to be the ultimate testing and proving grounds.

I first hand shape and test many iterations of our design concepts. In addition to our elite team of athletes many of the locals on the island are some of the best watermen and women in the world and they too help to put our products through the paces.

After a winning shape is achieved the design team and myself put the shapes into the computer (CAD) so that our factory can replicate the final shape with absolute accuracy, symmetry, and to the last detail in the build schedules. By doing so consumers around the world can then ride and enjoy the exact same shapes and proven designs that we develop.

A relentless drive to create best-in-class products that offer Five Star Performance is what got SIC to where it is today. We continue to enjoy that ride. I am sure you will as well.

Aloha and mahalo for your Kokua,

Mark Raaphorst finger print shaper of SIC Maui SUP