SIC is the stand up paddling industry’s premiere manufacturer of high quality, race proven stand up paddleboards and accessories. Founded on the island of Maui and cultivated on a legacy of world class open ocean racing, SIC is an authentic stand up paddleboard maker proud to lay claim to a heritage of designing the most winning board. Share together with our team of elite athletes, brand ambassadors and customers around the globe. Five Star Performance is our motto and we wear it with pride each day through our commitment to extending the SIC experience on and off the water to our growing family. SIC is committed to delivering the very best paddling can offer; for any condition, discipline or ability level.

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How to perform a buoy turn with Kenny Kaneko

Performing a buoy turn is one of the requisite skills all SUP paddlers seek to accomplish once they become comfortable on their boards.

In this How To video, SIC Global Athlete Kenny Kaneko demystifies the maneuver by breaking down a buoy turn into a series of easy to follow steps which will give you the skills and insights to efficiently execute buoy turns with precision and style. Buoy turns are an important skill for any paddler and once perfected the knowledge will give you the confidence to paddle in a wider range of conditions from navigating boat traffic in marinas, positioning yourself in the surf line up, as well as gaining an edge on the competition in your next race. Get out there, have fun and don't be afraid to get wet.

The basics of the stand up paddling stroke with Tommy Buday

Adhering to proper paddling technique will ensure you have a long and happy paddling career by avoiding...

Adhering to proper paddling technique will ensure you have a long and happy paddling career by avoiding overtaxing your joints and muscle groups to efficiently leverage your entire body as you propel yourself over the water. Before venturing out on your board, practice your stance on land to develop the appropriate amount of bend in your hips and knees as well as foot position. Dry land practice is also a good time to become accustomed to the appropriate hand position on your paddle – not too high and not too low.

How to Choose a paddle with Kenny Kaneko

How to Choose a Paddle: Choosing the right paddle is typically the second purchase all new paddlers make after selecting a board.

The array of options can be daunting from settling on the right length to finding the most appropriate blade size. In this step by step instructionalvideo, SIC Global Athlete Kenny Kaneko breaks down the process by explaining how a paddler's height and weight play a role in determining how to choose a paddle. Ultimately, the best paddle is the one that feels right for you. Take the opportunity to try as many different paddle lengths and blade sizes as possible before making a purchase. Have fun!


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SIC Designer and Shaper Mark Raaphorst explains the story and history behind the boards.


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