Cyprus | Techno 293 OD Worlds

The 2022 World Championships has crowned its new champions! 

End of the Techno 293 and Techno Plus World Championships. The Cypriot Sailing Federation continued to do things in a big way with a magnificent closing ceremony. Take a look back at the 4 days of racing to understand in detail the progression of the riders who reached the top places of the different categories.

After a windless opening day, the three rounds of racing on the second day in very light wind conditions motivated the whole fleet and allowed the best riders to move toward the top of their respective rankings. Thursday was a tricky day in even lighter winds, in some ways a bit of a lottery, temporarily scrambling the leader boards from the previous day. On Friday the wind increased marginally, enough to re-establish some “order” in the rankings with the better riders in each series rising up again. The final day of racing, still in very light conditions, confirmed the results and delivered us our new champions in each series. 

The difficult light conditions did not spoil the great ambiance at these World Championships and the riders very much appreciated the fast response of the race committee in getting racing started quickly when conditions allowed. The “summer” weather, a typical Techno-friendly atmosphere on the beach, and a mass swim in the 23°C water at the end all helped ensure that the week of high-quality technical racing was a total success!

Techno 293 OD moved out of its comfort zone a few years ago with the arrival of windfoil, This World Championships has shown that there has been no drop off in its pulling power. Techno 293 remains THE unrivaled best board for learning to race and progressing at your level.

Coaches from many of the countries present in Limassol all agreed on the advantages of Techno 293 for learning to race in competition, to choose the right moves, to hit the start line, before moving on to wind foil later for those wanting to do so. All the riders present in Limassol will go home with a week of great memories, dozens of new contacts on their smartphone, and motivated to be on the start line for more racing together as soon as possible!  

See you in Torbole, Italy, next April for the 2023 European Championships!



This category for the youngest riders, which is proving incredibly popular, stood out for the great sailing and racing skills they demonstrated. In the rankings, Germany’s Moritz Schleicher confirmed his good form and victory in Cagliari with consistently good finishes in all the races. He finished ahead of Poland’s Jan Serafinski-Melsztynski and Israel’s Gil Shtub.

U15 Boys

After making a fast start and grabbing the early lead, Israeli Omer Shemesh left no chance for the chasing group and deservedly took the 2022 title. He was followed by team-mate Adam Koussevitzky and Italy’s Pierluigi Caproni.

U15 Girls

The same countries occupied the podium spots in the boy's category, with Israel’s Naama Palatnik taking the victory. Italy’s Medea Marisa Falcioni finished second with Israel’s Yael Merav Hadash third. Another reminder, if we needed it, of the great strength in depth of the young Israeli team.

U17 Boys

In what is without fail the biggest category in the Techno class, the Spanish team showed its strength this year, with their riders Bruno Bárbara and Arturo Arauz García taking first and second places respectively. Japan’s Shuhei Oyamada finished third.

U17 Girls

More success for the Spanish team with victory going to Azul Sanchez Vallejo. But the northern countries put up a good fight with the Czech Nicol Ricanova second and Poland’s Linda Falkiewicz third.

Techno Plus Boys

Thanks to a great training program and regatta circuit organized by universities in Japan, the very competitive Japanese team here in Limassol blocked out the podium places from start to end! The top spot went to Takumi Kuragano followed by Taisei Okamoto and Shinnosuke Naito.

Techno Plus Girls

Similar story and a similar result with victory going to Japan’s Shino Kitahara ahead of team-mate Chino Motoki and Italy’s Angelina Medde.

Congratulations to all our new World Champions!

You can find all the results and rankings for every race that was run on the event website and follow the progress of the medal winners from this week that will live long in the memories of everyone who took part. 

Techno 293 OD World Championships 2022 Cyprus – Day 2

After the cancellation of the first day’s races, the riders were anxious to finally get out on the water and start racing in good conditions. The wind was light and the sun was shinning, making for perfect conditions to run the three rounds of competition planned for day two. The two race courses were quickly put in place and races took place in rapid succession all afternoon thanks to the hard work of the race committee. The wind picked up slightly as the day went on, but it never exceeded 10–11 knots, making for a great day of competition with some familiar names taking an early lead.

U13 Mixed. Following its 2020 debut, the mixed class has been attracting more and more young sailors to local clubs all over the world. The leading group is currently headed by Polish girl Michelle Urzykowski, with three more Polish riders in the next four spots. Only Germany’s Moritz Schleicher, the reigning European Champion, managed to separate them, finishing second ahead of Jan Serafinski-Melsztynski and Martyna Figura.

U15 Girls. The two Israeli riders Yael Merav Hadash and Naama Palatnik were fastest in the light conditions, dominating the races and making the fewest mistakes. Spain’s Andrea Sira Martínez, who finished second at the 2022 European Championships, rounded out the day in third place with numerous competitors on her heels, finishing less than two points behind.

U15 Boys. Cagliari dominated once again, securing the top three places. Israel’s Omer Shemesh, 2022 European Champion, was closely followed by Italian rider Pierluigi Caproni (third in Cagliari) who managed to climb to second place, separating the consistent Israeli team riders. Adam Koussevitzky and Eylon Atlas finished in third and fourth respectively. It’s looking like an exciting few days coming up in what is probably the most unpredictable class in the fleet!

U17 Girls. Sixth in Cagliari, Czech rider Nicol Ricanova finished the day’s racing in the top spot. She was followed by Spain’s Azul Sanchez Vallejo and Italy’s Teresa Medde, the reigning European champion. This talented trio is currently in the lead and will be very difficult to dislodge or separate.

U17 Boys. The Spanish racers showed up in big numbers at these World Championships and have been leading the way in a class that has been dominated by Italian riders the past few years. Arturo Arauz García was sitting in first place after the day’s action, closely followed by teammate Bruno Bárbara with Japan’s Shuhei Oyamada. With few points separating the top placed riders, it’s still anyone’s game.


Techno PLUS. We’re witnessing dominant performances by Japanese racers Shino Kitahara and Chino Motoki who have secured the top two places in the girl’s division ahead of Italy’s Angelina Medde, the reigning European Champion. Same thing goes for the boys, with Takumi Kuragano, Shinnosuke Naito, and Taisei Okamoto of Japan, finishing one, two, three over a competitive group.

The forecast for the rest of the week is light winds, so everything is looking good for the upcoming races. Stay tuned to see how everything plays out!

Techno 293 OD World Championships 2022 - Cyprus - Day 1

The Techno 293 World Championships 2022 kicked off Monday evening, with a superb opening ceremony organized by the city of Limassol in conjunction with the Cypriot Sailing Federation. 

After riders and organizers had the chance to take a practice run on the course and adapt to the local conditions (12 knot winds), everyone boarded coaches that took them to the city center for the traditional team parade through the streets and around the marina.

The official ceremony took place at the marina and included opening speeches and a mini concert by a local group who had a tune for every team present and got the riders on their feet and ready for the action to come. Races were scheduled to start on Tuesday and competitors and the race committee were all set up on the start line ready for a few good rounds of racing.

Worlds championships techno 293 cypriusWorlds championships techno 293 cyprius

Unfortunately, menacing black clouds started building over the mountains in the center of the island just as the race was about to start and were quickly making their way towards the race site. Given the serious risk posed to the fleet by the approaching storm, the race committee brought all the racers back to shore. Once the storm had passed to the west, they tried starting again but the wind died off completely and everyone was called back to shore yet again.

A recap of the first two days is available on the event website, featuring the first videos and photos.

Limassol/Cyprus, capital of the planet Techno 293 from October 29th to November 5th

Summer continues in Cyprus to welcome the 240 competitors who will compete from October 29 to November 5 in the 293 OD World Championship in front of Limassol, this large seaside resort on the south coast of the island. With the thermometer showing 28°C, 23°C in the water and a daily thermal wind, the conditions are perfect for a good week of competition on this large island located south of Turkey. A former English colony (you drive on the left there), the atmosphere is very “Greek style” with its turquoise waters and its chaotic and dry landscapes that we find on the Greek peninsula. Fingers crossed for better weather for the rest of the event!

All age categories are represented: Techno Plus (U19 and Open) and Techno 293 (U17, U15, U13) and there are 22 nations racing. The score of 240 competitors may seem low compared to the 2021 edition on Lake Garda (380), but it is an excellent score given the island’s location, which is much more difficult to access than a mainland destination.

Among the most represented nations, Greece is of course at the top of the ranking, followed by the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. We should also note the good presence of Eastern countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) and the Israeli delegation which is coming back strongly, especially among the U13 and U15.

To allow as many competitors as possible to come, TAHE has provided 110 “charter” boards and rigs specially shipped over for the event.

All the ingredients are therefore there for the 2022 edition of the Techno 293 World Championship to be a success. We look forward to seeing you on the TAHE website and its social networks or on the event website where you will find the schedule and all the photos, videos and daily rankings.

The first races will be launched on Tuesday November 1st after the traditional opening ceremony. See you there !

Techno 293 OD Worlds : the last event of the competition season in Cyprus

The Techno 293 OD competition season will soon come to an end with the World Championship which takes place from October 29th to November 6th in Limassol on the south coast of the island of Cyprus.

A beautiful destination at the end of the season which will bring together the best competitors from each country and a strong local delegation. For several years, Cypriot teams have been more and more numerous at international events and activity is very dynamic on this large Mediterranean island.

More than 200 riders are already registered today and all age categories will be represented: Techno Plus (U19 and Open) and Techno 293 (U17, U15, U13).


You will find all the information on the event website.

19 - 23 April 2022 | Techno 293 Summer starts in Sardinia

It’s already summertime down here in the south of Sardinia! Many countries are only just coming out of winter hibernation, so what a pleasant surprise for the 270 competitors to find themselves sailing the beautiful turquoise waters off Cagliari under a cloudless sunny blue sky! The immense bay here is 10km wide and surrounded by hills, generating near-perfect conditions with a steady thermal wind. On Monday, during the training races, the tone was set with a leg-stretching 16 - 18 knots registering on the wind speed meters.

Tuesday 19th April. The first real racing started in a medium-strength un-stable wind testing all the riders’ nerves. Three rounds of racing were run in quick succession as the wind gradually dropped. In the light winds the first leader boards began to take shape in all the age classes.

In the U13s class it’s German rider Moritz Schleicher who’s making an early showing, followed by the Italian rider Luca Pacchiotti. The top ranked girl rider Medea Marisa Falcioni is also Italian (in U13s girls and boys race together).

In the U15s Boys, the Israeli team sent by their national federation had a great opening day double with Omer Shemesh followed by Adam Koussevitzky in second and the Italian Blasco Aronica third, a Cagliari native riding on his home patch.In U15 Girls there’s already a great duel taking place between Turkey’s Ada Tan and Spain’s Andrea Sira Martinez Mira, currently lying first and second.Fittingly for this closing day the conditions were near perfect with a steady wind blowing from the south allowing all the race categories to have their busiest day yet with four rounds of racing for everyone, after the variable conditions earlier in the week.

UNDER 13s (7 races). It is the girls and boys racing together in the youngest of the Techno293 categories and in the end it was a close-run thing with just 2 points separating winner, Germany’s  Moritz Schleicher (10 points) in his duel with the Italian Luca Pacchiotti (12), the early leader. The third placed was top girl Italy’s Medea Marisa Falcioni. Additional prizes were awarded to the youngest of the young sailing on sails not larger than 5.0 sqm.
UNDER 15 BOYS (9 RACES). A perfect four out of four victories on the final day cemented first place for Israeli Omer Shemesh, the leader since the opening day. His 8 points gave him plenty of clear water ahead of fellow countryman Adam Koussevitzky with 26, and Pierluigi Caproni, the 2021  Under 13 champion having his first experience in the Under 15 category in third.

UNDER 15 GIRLS (9 RACES). A controlled performance on the final day enabled Turkey’s Ada Tan to complete a good week’s work and win the girls title with 19 points, just ahead of Spain’s Andrea Sira Martinez Mira with 22. Two victories on the final day helped the Hungarian Hanna Simon to jump into the third podium spot.

UNDER 17 BOYS (9 RACES). Greek rider Petros Kontarinis confirmed his excellent form despite suffering a DSQ. With four straight wins to close the race series he finished on 9 points, far ahead of the Cypriot rider Vasilis Charalambous on 30, who almost lost his second place to Italy’s Giulio Orlandi on 31.

UNDER 17 GIRLS (10 RACES). An all-Italian podium and a thrilling finale in this fleet, the closest and most intense series of the whole competition. Cagliari local Teresa Medde  held on to win with 28 points, having led from the first day. In a tense closing race she clung on by two lengths to seal a narrow victory over Giulia Vitali, and teammate Anna Polettini in third.

TECHNO PLUS  MEN (8 RACES). With two first and two second places, Cagliari local Giorgio Falqui Cao confirmed his superiority in the most experienced division to claim the title. Behind him there was a great head to head between Cypriot rider Iakovos Christofidis and the Greek hopeful Grigorios Stathopoulos, with Christofidis grabbing second place by a single point. In the Open sub-category, it was all-smiles for the Japanese team, with Kuragano Takumi winning ahead of Poland’s Adam Zarnowski and teammate Inoue Takashi.

TECHNO PLUS WOMEN (8 RACES). Another incredibly tight finish saw Italy’s Angelina Medde hold on for victory by less than 2 points from teammate Anita Soncini, thanks to her better finishes during the first days of competition which proved to be decisive in the end. Third was the Greek rider Emilia Kosti. Sofia Vedrune Pastor and Marion Lextrayfrom Spain were cassified in first and second of the Open fleet with Claudia Di Francesco in third.

Full rankings, photos and videos from the Techno293 European Championship are available on the official website

The Easter holidays marks the moment when the Techno 293 OD season kicks off seriously, and what better way to start than the European Championships, the first major International of the season, taking place in Cagliari on the southern coast of Sardinia from 17th to 23rd April.

With nearly 280 riders registered from 18 countries, the 2022 Championships is already looking like a classic vintage. There’s a good entry in all the categories, but as ever the biggest number is in the U17s with over 100 competitors entered. The Techno+ category, combining the U19s and the Open riders, is present alongside the U13s, U15s and U17s, adding something extra to the mix. There are over 50 registrations for Techno+! Despite the massive rise in popularity of foils, these entry numbers show that Techno 293 OD is as popular as ever with young riders, especially after 2 years of Covid restrictions! This success follows on from the first round of the Italian Championships at the beginning of April, which attracted over 200 riders.

South Sardinia is renowned for its great weather, usually moderate winds, warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. So, good winds to all the entrants, wishing you a great racing week on this magnificent stretch of water.

More information about the European Championship here:


Tuesday 12 April | Early arrival

Saturday 16 April | 9:00 – 17:00 19:00 | Arrival and training Charter distribution

Monday 18 April | 14:00 - 17:00 | Practice Race - Coaches meeting

Tuesday 19 April to Saturday 23 April | Racing

Saturday 23 April |16:00 - 19:00 | Last warning signal - Prize Giving Ceremony

Sunday 24 April | Departure