Flite FW 1200

Ideal for

Progression phase
Small wave riding
Tacking and jibing with ease


Medium aspect ratio FWs for versality and manoeuvrability.

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Key Features & Benefits

MEDIUM/LOW ASPECT RATIO FRONT WING Easy take off in light wind and turns on a dime

ANHEDRAL SHAPE WITH FLAT TIPS Provides control at high speed and increases carving ability

MEDIUM THICKNESS PROFILE Early Take off, good maximum speed, easy pumping while limiting back stalling.

REDUCED WINGLETS Better performance at high speed and increased maneuverability

CARBON CONSTRUCTION Full Pre preg Carbon Wrap

PADDED COVER For maximum protection

Technical Specs

  • Code 109615
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Material Carbon Wrap
  • Front wing surface 186 in² / 1200 cm²
  • Front wing material Carbon