Meet the
SIC Design Team

Mark Raphoorst

SIC, “Sandwich Islands Composites,” is the vision of SIC founder and shaper Mark Raaphorst. Mark has more than thirty years of experience building surfboards, windsurfers, and outrigger canoes. He is credited as one of the pioneers of SUP and is creating the world’s most winning race boards.

SIC boards are designed for speed, agility, and stability. Their sleek styling, piercing waterlines, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail has earned SIC the reputation of being the best.

Mark continues to lead the design and shaping vision for SIC and has been recognized as one of the leading shapers of the rapidly evolving and divergent foiling market. His creativity and shaping mastery is the signature of the SIC brand.

Jon Henderson

Jon Henderson is a shaping veteran. Known for his shapes under his label, Strive Surf-boards. Jon has shaped boards for top surf pros and many other brands within the SUP and surf markets.

Jon brings a rich history of shaping knowledge, performance shapes, and credibility to SIC’s surfing category. The core of the market demands only the best in design, construction, and, ultimately, performance.

Jon has shaped SIC’s Darkhorse, Drifter, and the entire range of performance epoxy surfboard models within the surf range. Within the SUP range, Jon has shaped the Slice Pro, Slice, and Saber models. We are confident you will love these shapes and have a blast ripping waves on them.

Gérard Dabbadie

Gérard Dabbadie shaped his first board in 1972. As an experienced surfer, he put his riding know-how to work and started shaping himself. Based in Hossegor, France, the surf capital of Europe,  he created his signature board brand, “Superfrog,” and his shapes quickly gained popularity.

Gérard’s design philosophy centers around “shaping easy, fun-to-ride boards, for all conditions,” and he has been highly successful in doing so. Gerard has shaped many of the Ace-Tec and Tough-Tec boards in the SIC surf range, which surfers worldwide enjoy.

Pan Panagiotis

At 70 years old, Peter “Pan” Panagiotis is a living legend. Inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in 1996 and with countless surfing titles to his name, Pete continues to spend more days surfing than anyone we know!

The Peter Pan Surf Academy has been operating since 1978, out of his hometown of Narragansett, Rhode Island, and has introduced thousands of people to surfing.

Pete has been designing surfboards for decades, creating many board designs, high performance, and some of the most user-friendly boards like SIC’s 9’6” Big Boy model. Pete’s experience, passion, and perspective are invaluable to the SIC Maui surf program.