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  • Jade Howson

    Hometown: Laguna Beach
    Born in Laguna Beach, California, Jade started her paddling life at age 7 with her dad, exploring the local coves and learning the ways of the ocean with her family. She entered her first event at age 9, winning her age division at the Battle of the Paddle. Jade was hooked, not just on racing, but the lifestyle that the sea provided. Coaching, travel, and new friends soon followed. Jade consistently trains 3 to 4 days a week with an additional 2 days of CrossFit, all while attending Laguna Beach High School. Jade has competed in events all over the country, consistently winning her division and frequently placing on the podium in the women’s Pro/Elite field. When she's not paddling, ukulele, guitar and surfing on the Laguna Beach High School surf team fill out the rest of her time.