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Since 2005 it has been my passion to help our SIC team-riders ascend to the top of the podium. Call it pride but I looked at it as a satisfying return on my personal investment and life’s work. The hours spent on the water, in the shaping bay and pushing the factory crew to build that next world-class shape has been well worth it. Juggling acceleration, maneuverability, speed, stability and aesthetics has made SIC a brand...

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Board Finder

Not sure which board is right for you? SIC has made it easier to find the board your looking for with the hull finder.

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  • Displacement Hull

    Displacement hull SUPs cut through the water by pushing the water around the nose. Displacement hulls accelerate quickly, glide efficiently and top end speed in smooth conditions. Displacement hull boards are easily identifiable by their rounded bottom...

    Displacement Hull

    Road Bike of SUP

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  • Planing Hull

    Planing hull SUPs are usually wider, larger volume boards and have no limits on where they can go. These boards are most recognizable by their flat planing bottom, pointed nose and pin tail shapes. Planing hulls are good for downwind runs, recreational...

    Planing Hull

    Mountain Bike of Sup

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  • Surf Shape

    Surf Shape SUPs have a broad range of use and are a good fit for the surfer to the recreational paddler. These boards are designed for fun cruising paddles to hard charging surf sessions. Easily identifiable by their iconic surfboard style outlines...

    Surf Shape

    Beach Cruiser + BMX of Sup

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  • Inflatables

    Inflatable SUPs come in many different shapes and sizes and can accompany many different types of paddling. Inflatables are great if you have limited storage space, have a small car, are on the run and never know when you will have time to hit the water...

    Inflatable Hull

    Foldable Bike of Sup

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Five Star Performance

Here at SIC we take pride in what we make. We have spent endless hours developing our products and technologies to create not only the best products on the water but to make sure we have something for everyone. Whether you are a novice paddler just getting into SUP or an advanced open ocean paddler we make a product that will fit within your paddling style as well as your budget.


Progression: “A development or a movement toward a destination or a more advanced state, gradually and in stages.” We mark our time at SIC by the ability to look back on our accomplishments and our desire to shape new experiences. It’s no easy feat to lead the pack. There are always competitors on your heels but this is what drives us forward... makes us better, faster. It takes relentless dedication and passion. As a brand it is a commitment to product innovation, tried and tested design and superior quality that gives the brand its competitive edge and its differential advantage. All of this is all-for-not if a person does not connect with the brand values, believes in its products and who is an advocate for your brand. We can put designs on water and athletes on the podium, but in the end it is our fellow paddlers that put us on the map. 2016 will be a game changer. SIC is back with another killer product lineup and ready to turn heads, elevate and redefine your paddling experience.

Board Technology

Here at SIC we are all passionate paddlers, at all levels of ability and each of us loves different aspects of paddling. But we all want a board that feels like an extension of ourselves, a board that gives us the confidence to paddle the wind, the surf or just to feel the glide. We know that you are looking for these same experiences. So we have built a great line of boards, catering to different levels of paddlers, and different styles of paddling. Our board line goes from high-end performance all the way to the everyday paddler and we even have the youth covered. Come experience the love that we put into shaping and designing our boards, for the shared love of paddling.

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