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Sic Team....Family...Hui

At SIC family comes first, and winning second. None of it would be possible without the circle of friends and athletes that defines SIC. This community or Hui is what gives the SIC brand its face, its personality and its soul. The team provides priceless feedback that is essential to the design process. Working very closely with our founder Mark Raaphorst, every team member has contributed in some way to the design of the boards gliding under your feet. SIC consists of some of the most respected athletes in the world that have conquered every discipline of the sport.

Global Athletes

  • Andrea Moller

    Andrea Moller

    "It creates peace in my household. I Love the time in the ocean"

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  • Livio Menelau

    Livio Menelau

    "It is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind"

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  • Jeremy Riggs

    Jeremy Riggs

    "I am enjoying the ocean with my entire family, no matter where I am"

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  • Tamas Buday Jr.

    Tamas Buday Jr.

    "Paddling is part of me, and nothing makes me happier than being on the water."

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  • Tamas Buday Jr.

    Kody Kerbox.

    "Stand up paddling has taught me more then I could have ever imagined, on and off the water"

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  • Tamas Buday Jr.


    "Dream Big. Set Goals. Work Hard."

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  • Caio Vaz

    Caio Vaz

  • Jade Howson

    Jade Howson

    "Send It!!!"

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Global Brand Ambassadors

  • Mark Raaphorst

    Mark Raaphorst

    Our ultimate end-goal, is to deliver quality craftsmanship

  • Joel Comer

    Joel Comer

    "The incredible beauty one can take in on any given paddle is unparalleled"

  • Yann Lauletta

    Yann Lauletta

    "Paddling can be my therapy, my work out, my get away"

  • Will Schmidt

    Will Schmidt

    "Stand up paddle above all else it keeps me alive"

  • Scott Trudon

    Scott Trudon

    "Live every day to the fullest"

  • Ben Gareiss

    Ben Gareiss

  • Brooke Staples

    Brooke Staples

  • Miguel Beltran

    Miguel Beltran

  • Miguel "Mickey" Martinez

    Miguel "Mickey" Martinez

  • Art Aquino

    Art Aquino

  • Jeremy Whitted

    Jeremy Whitted

  • Mario Cavaco

    Marinho Cavaco

  • Marie Carmen Rivera

    Marie Carmen Rivera

National Riders

  • Pavel Sapounov

    Pavel Sapounov

  • Lena Ribeiro

    Bruce Lanteires Tuaiva

  • Devin Blish

    Devin Blish

  • Jean-Luc Malfroid

    Jean-Luc Malfroid

  • Jose Cirilo

    Jose Cirilo

  • Laura Quentglas Garcia

    Laura Quentglas Garcia


  • Cyara Palenzuela

    Cyara Palenzuela

  • Jane Staples

    Jane Staples

  • Rhys Staples

    Rhys Staples