Raptor T-Bar 92

$ 1,249.95

Ideal for

Advanced foiler's
Mid-sized surfing and wing foiling
Tacking and jibing with ease
Low-wind foiling


The base, mast and fuselage assembly (T-Bar) are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon as a monocoque construction. Compared to alloy counterparts, this T-Bar construction is extremely lightweight, rigid, and torque resistant. It eliminates electrolysis (saltwater corrosion) between the components. The T-Bar is available in 72, 82 or 92 cm mast lengths, which all feature a 71 cm fuselage length.

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Key Features & Benefits

One Piece, 100% prepreg carbon fiber, Mast & Fuselage (T-Bar) For the most secure, rigid, and corrosion-free configuration

Interchangeable front and rear wing wings Gives you the option to change out components when conditions change

One-piece torque resistant base For a solid connection between mast and board

Double track base mounting plate Giving you maximum adjustability fore and aft as well as the ability to shim your foil

Marine-grade hardware Strong and corrosion resistant

Padded carry bag/covers For maximum protection

Technical Specs

  • Code 107245
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Material Carbon
  • Mast length 36 in / 92 cm
  • Mast material Carbon
  • Fuselage lengh 33 in / 71 cm
  • Fuselage material Carbon
  • Front wing surface -
  • Front wing material Carbon
  • Stabilizer material Carbon
  • Foil box Flat mount plate