Flite Foil 2000 Complete

$ 1,299.95

Ideal for

Discovery & progression phase
Control at low speed
Tacking and jibing with ease


Lower aspect ratio FWs for better stability, ease at take-off, touchdowns, and tacking and jibing.

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Flite Foil 2000 Complete

Flite Foil is manufactured with the finest materials on the market. The base, mast, and fuselage are constructed with alloy, and the front and rear wings with carbon wrap.

All front and rear wings, T-Bar, and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style, and riding conditions. The forged Carbon Mast Base has slotted open ends for rapid installation and breakdown. It is also extremely durable over time.

Key Features & Benefits

Low Aspect Ratio Front Wing  Better low-end light wind performance, stable, perfect for discovering the sport. Plug-and-Play: One fuselage, one front wing, one mast, one stabilizer

Front wing sizes adjusted to rider weight 2000: <80-100 kg +

Mast, Fuselage, Plate, Connector Mast 75 cm - Construction: Aluminium

Front Wing & Stabilizer Construction: Carbon wrap.

Marine-Grade Hardware - Torx 8MM Strong and corrosion resistant

Padded Carry Bag/Covers For maximum protection

Technical Specs

  • Code 108277
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Material Carbone/Alu
  • Mast length 29 in / 75 cm
  • Mast material Aluminum
  • Fuselage lengh 34 in / 87 cm
  • Fuselage material Alu
  • Front wing surface 310 in² / 2000 cm²
  • Front wing material Carbon
  • Stabilizer material Carbon
  • Stabilizer surface 44 in² / 285 cm²
  • Foil box Plate