SUP SURF BAG - 10.0 x 34.0

$ 199.95

Ideal for

TAO SURF 9.2 x 31.5 (TT)
TAO SURF 9.2 x 31.5 (AT)
ART BIG BOY 9.6 x 28.0 (AT)
SLICE 9.6 x 30.0 (GCC+)
SLICE 10.0 x 31.0 (GCC+)
TAO FIT 10.0 x 33.0 (AT + TT)


The SIC Maui Surf Bag is designed to fit, store, and protect your board off the water and allow for convenient and safe transportation.

Key Features & Benefits

Durable padded, heat-resistant, water repellent, reflective heat bottom fabric To protect your board during storage and transportation

Fin Slots To allow storing your board with fins

Heavy-duty marine-grade zippers Durability and reduce the risk of corrosion

Padded handles For carrying comfort

Padded, ergonomic, removable, and adjustable shoulder strap For carrying comfort when you need it

Integrated pocket for fin, wax, and accessories storage For gear storage convenience

Technical Specs

  • Code 102073
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Material Polyester
  • Outside Face Material Polyester
  • Width 34.0" / 86 cm
  • Length 10'0" / 304 cm

Package Includes

The SUP SURF BAG - 8.8 x 29.0 comes with:

  • 1x BAG
  • Shoulder Strap