TAO AIR TOUR 12'6'' x 30.0''

The Inflatable Family Cruiser

TAO AIR TOUR 12'6'' x 30.0''

Inflatable Support stringer technology
$ 799.95
All-Round FlatwaterRaceTouring

Ideal for

Paddlers who are looking to travel with a paddleboard
Paddlers looking for a lightweight board option
Paddlers with limited space for storage
Fitness and yoga enthusiasts
Recreational touring
Recreational surfing
Family paddleboard


The TAO Air Tour is designed for the paddler who wants a family board, surf up to mid-sized waves, do SUP yoga, or cruise.

Product Specifications

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  • Complete dimensions 12'6'' x 30.0'' x 330L
  • Weight 25.8 lbs / 11.7 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 255 lbs / 115 kg


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TAO AIR TOUR 12'6'' x 30.0''

The TAO Air is explicitly designed for the paddler who wants a board to take out with the family, surf small to mid-sized waves, take a SUP yoga class, or cruise the shoreline.

Made from the finest Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) and lightweight, durable Support Stringer Technology (SST), these boards are light, stiff, and reliable. They come in a complete package with a 3-piece adjustable paddle, ready to go when you.

The 10’6” is a perfect board for surfing, cruising, and yoga, while the 11’0” and 12’6” are designed more for recreational fitness and cruising. The 10’6” TAO Air Wind is an excellent board to paddle when there is no wind, and when the wind turns on, you can put your sailing rig on the board and cruise under sail power.

Key Features & Benefits

All around shapes with Support Stringer Technology Giving greater stiffness

Wider widths and volumes Provides stability and easy paddling

Tow D-ring (located in the nose on the bottom) For towing hookup

Bungee tie-downs Secure water bottle or gear

Honeycomb EVA deck pad For traction and grip

Neoprene center carry handle For easy transport

Air7 polycarbonate fin box Durable and solid fin connection

Leash plug To connect a leash for safety

Action camera mount on the nose To capture your adventures on the water

Key Features & Benefits

Board Profile

Rider's Level


Type of Activity

All-Round Surf
All-Round Flatwater

Technical Specs

  • Code 107213
  • Model Tao AIR
  • Shaper Mark Raaphorst
  • Length 12'6'' / 381 cm
  • Width 30.0'' / 76.2 cm
  • Volume 330 L
  • Weight 25.8 lbs / 11.7 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 255 lbs / 115 kg
  • Handle Type NEOPRENE
  • Inflatable PSI 15
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up Single US box
  • Supplied fin(s) Weedless Nylon 9"
  • Product Type Inflatable
  • Technology Support stringer technology
  • Country of manufacture China

Package Includes

Package Includes

The Tao Air Tour comes with:

  • 1x Inflatable Tao Board
  • 1x 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon) on TAO 10’6”
  • 1x Repair kit with spare fin screw + plate
  • 1x Dual-action pump
  • 1x Leash
  • 1x 3 piece aluminium paddle w/ Anti Twist grip
  • 1x Backpack carry case (no wheels)

SUPPORT STRINGER TECHNOLOGY (SST) The TAO Series boards are constructed from a single skin Drop Stitch material (DSC) that is lightweight and extremely durable. They also utilize Support Stringer Technology (SST), which is an HDPE stringer, heat fused onto PVC to stiffen the board and lock in the rocker profile.