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SIC Global Team

SIC is proud to announce the Global Team, comprising of waterwomen and watermen from around the world who specialize in racing or embrace the SIC Maui lifestyle - surfing, downwinding, foiling, adventure paddling, and more.




Hailing from a family of four generations of watermen, whether commercial fishermen, professional surfers, or sailors, it seemed the ocean was always going to be close to Lincoln's heart. At age 14, he raced his first Molokai 2 Oahu, a race he grew up idolizing and watching his dad and cousins compete in each year. It was here that his love affair for the challenge of open ocean racing began. 

SUP racing has dominated Lincoln's life and became his obsession to one day become world champion. After eight years of hard training, Lincoln emerged with three Australian titles and ranked number one SUP athlete in the world. Ticking that box summoned an internal hunger to explore a magnitude of challenges found within some of Earth's most uncharted waters. This was when project foil Bass Strait was born, along with the desire to challenge himself with any possible water challenge that pushes Lincoln outside his comfort zone.


"Don’t let what you cannot interfere with what you can do."





- 2019 ICF technical Race World SUP champion

- 2018 Paddle League World Champion

- 3 x Australian SUP Champion

- 3 x Australian Team Representative

- 2019 12 Towers Race champion

- 2019 Canadian Downwind Champion

- 2018 World SUP cup Germany - 1st

- 2018 Japan SUP cup - 1st

- 2018 Pacific Paddle Games - 1st overall

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Age: 25

Country: Australia

Fav spots: Cotton Tree Point 



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Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Seychelle was inspired by her deep love for the ocean and traveled at a very young age. She grew up playing sports and always dreamed of being a professional athlete. After high school, Seychelle took off sailing for several years and traveled around the world, working as a yacht crew and owning boats. In 2014 Seychelle went through a divorce, gave up sailing, moved back to the Florida Keys, and discovered the sport of SUP. 

From her very first race, Seychelle was hooked.  She has since become the 3 x Chattajack Champion, 3 x SUP 11 City Tour Grand Champion, 3 x SEA Paddle NYC Champion, The Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest Distance Paddled on SUP in 24 hours, and the 2019 APP Standup Paddle World Champion. Seychelle is also a Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. 

Living in Melbourne Beach with her husband and her dog, you will find Seychelle paddling, surfing, and relaxing on the beach. She combines her passion for living her best life with her passion for deep health into a platform for transformation. Seychelle now focuses on coaching women, helping them achieve their goals through optimum health, and sharing her knowledge from her many struggles along the way to what it truly means to succeed.


"I believe we all have super powers and an inherent ability to achieve our goals"


- 2019 APP Standup Paddle World Champion

- Guinness World Record – 24-hour Greatest Distance SUP

- 3 x SEA Paddle NYC Champion

- 3 x SUP 11 City Tour

- Grand Champion 3 x Chattajack Champion

- Certified – Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

- USCG Licensed – Master

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Age: 34

Country: USA

Fav spots: Key largo, FL and anywhere with crystal clear, warm water. Islands, beaches, over reefs, or riding waves



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Jade's love for the ocean began in her hometown, Laguna Beach, California, at a very young age. She grew up swimming, surfing, diving, and paddling all along the southern California coast. As a child, Jade competed in many different sports. At the age of 7, her father, Robert Howson, introduced her to SUP, and Battle of the Paddle at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California, became her first SUP race. Shortly after, Jade began training with her coach, Mike Eisert, and his training group, The Paddle Academy. 

When Jade began high school, she entirely dedicated her time to paddling and was fortunate to travel around the world and compete against some of the top women in the sport. Her favorite type of race is the sprint and technical race. When she is not paddling, she enjoys playing the ukulele, guitar, and base, surfing, free diving, spending time with friends, and baking.  Jade attends the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a major in Marine Biology. When she is home, you can also find her working at her family's surf shop, Harbour Surfboards.


"No rainbows without rain"



- Gold Medalist in the Women’s 200m Sprint at the ISA Sup and Paddleboard Championships, 2019

- Gold Medalist in the Junior Technical race at the ISA Sup and Paddleboard Championships, 2019

- Gold Medalist in the Junior Technical race at the ISA Sup and Paddleboard Championships, 2018 

- Combined Junior champion at the Pacific Paddle Games, 2018

- M2M Womens 14’ Champion, 2018

- 3rd place in the Elite Women’s division at the Carolina Cup, 2019 

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Age: 18

Country: USA

Fav spots: Laguna Beach CA, San Clemente CA, Diamond Head HI  



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Sports had always been a part of David Leao's DNA. At the age of three, David followed in his father and brother's footsteps and perused the sport of Judo, where his father was a master. This ultimately is where his competitive drive began.  

Born on the south coast of Bahia, Brazil, David spent much of his life on the island with his grandparents soaking up the culture surrounded by sea and nature. This is where David's passion for paddleboard racing was born


"Paddling for a better world"



- 2019 Champion Aloha Spirit Festival 

- 2019 Champion Europe Junior

- 2019 Second Place Pro-Junior Caroline Cup

- 2018 Second place- Pacific Paddle Games Pro-Junior

- 2018 Vice-Brazilian Championship Sprints

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Age: 19

Country: Brazil

Fav spots: River Douro in Porto Portugal



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At 17 years old, Rai Taguchi is the youngest member of the global Team and was moved up from the Youth Development team for the 2020 season. Rai lives on Okinawa Island, Japan, the perfect location to train for downwind and surf all year round. 

Rai became hooked on SUP at the age of 12 after winning 1st place in a local race and trained hard with his father ever since. Rai dominated the majority of race events in Japan this past year, was crowned the U18 ICF Champion, placed 2nd in the U18 Technical Race at ISA, and was in the Top 10 Male racers overall ISA. Rai is looking forward to competing in the World Tour this year, and we're looking forward to following along!


"Find peace in the ocean paddling or below swimming."



- 2018 7th All Japan SUP Championship

- 2019 ICF World Championship

- 2019 ISA World Championship Japan National Team

- 2020 App FastTrack MEN’S PRO 2nd place

- 2021 6th Asian Beach Games Sanya

- 2020 Surfing SUP category tournament First place

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Age: 17

Country: Japan

Fav spots: Yanbaru, Japan



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Born in land-locked Paris, the French capital, Ludo was perhaps not destined to live on and from the ocean! With both his parents being sports teachers, Ludo had the chance to try various different activities, a lot of swimming, skiing and skateboarding, and a lot of traveling, especially to the Atlantic coast, to surf small waves and have fun in the shore-break! It was later on, staying at his grandfather’s in Marseille, that Ludo, along with his brother Jeremy (already a total windsurf addict !) first saw and discovered SUP. The brothers’ passion for their new shared activity grew fast, especially wave surfing and downwind.

It was a win-win situation, the boys loved the physical side of paddling and the unique sensation of gliding over the water on an SUP. The resulting endorphins made for an intoxicating cocktail!

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Competitive since birth, it was a natural next step to want to break into competitions and make a name for themselves. They were fortunate that France and Europe had already established an extensive competition circuit attracting the best paddlers, which helped them progress quickly and test themselves in a variety of conditions, and to enjoy being part of the amazing and small world of top level SUP ! Fast-forward through several years of lake, sea and ocean racing, Ludo has twice been French National champion, winner of the infamous GlaGla Race, and has had numerous top 5 finishes in big international competitions. Add to that his numerous wins on the Waterman Tahiti Tour on the Polynesian competition circuit. Today, Ludo is a name among watermen, for his surfing and foil-boarding, also as a coach, passing on the benefit of his experience to future generations of paddlers.

"Enjoy the glide, train and believe in yourself !"



- 5th place 2022 GlaGla Race

- 2nd 2021 Nautic Paris

- Double French champion

- Multiple Euro Tour podium

- Multiple Alpines lakes tour and french cup winner

- Glagla Race champion 2019

- Tentative biggest downwind ever - Maestral project 2019

- 2nd waterman Tahiti  tour 2019

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Age: 26

Country: France

Fav spots: Ensuès La Redonne - Etang de Berre - Coralejo - Tahaa - Lacanau


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Bodie Von Allmen, a 16-year-old from Lake Oswego, Oregon, has been paddling competitively since he was nine years old. Bodie was introduced to the sport initially through his dad, Corey Von Allmen, and quickly added to his list of mentors as his skills progressed and accomplishments accumulated. Some key influences throughout his nascent career include Kody Kerbox, who gave him his first SUP lesson on Maui, downwind legend Livio Menelau, owner of Stoke on the Water, Joel Yang, and SIC Ambassador Russell Pert, just to name a few.

Since becoming a member of the SIC Youth Development team, Bodie has excelled quickly in the SUP racing community, competing in key races such as Battle of the Bay, Gorge Downwind Champs, SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge, Santa Cruz Paddlefest, and many more.

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After high school, Bodie plans to become a professional paddler. His dream is to travel the world, competing with the best of the best. When Bodie is not paddling he loves to surf, foil and wakeboard. He has a true passion for watersports and is always in search of a new challenge.

"Slow down, enjoy the ride. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”



- 1st Place Junior, 4th Overall Open Men. HanoHano Ocean Classic

- 2nd Place Juniors, 17th overall Graveyard Race. Carolina Cup

- 16th Place Men's Long-Distance Race. International Canoe Federation World Championships.

- 1st Place Team combined results Men's Tech. International Canoe Federation World Championships.

- 3rd Place Team combined results Men's Long Distance. International Canoe Federation World Championships.

- 3rd Place Overall National Federation (U.S.A National Team). International Canoe Federation World Championships.

- 5th Place: Men's Elite Downwind Race. SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge

- 5th Place: Men's Elite Course Race. SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge

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Age: 16

Country: USA

Fav sports: Water, Polo, Surfing, Foiling, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Snow Boarding 


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