"Hit the road and take
to the water for
endless days of fun.
Let's go!"


We all dream of endless summers, filled with fun and adventures with family and friends.

Trying new things, progressing, discovering new sensations, escaping it all, sharing unforgettable experiences and blazing your own trail with your own tribe...

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re here for you.

For over 40 years, and that means a couple of generations, we’ve been sharing and communicating our passion for board and water sports. At our base in Vannes (Brittany, France) we design and manufacture a complete range of products that are reliable and long-lasting, to guarantee you endless fun on the water.

We are TAHE, for #EndlessPlayTime on the water.


Board and water sports should be able to give every person on the planet the chance to enjoy themselves and achieve some personal goals.

Our products are conceived to deliver the easiest and most affordable way of doing exactly that, whether you’re a total beginner or more experienced and looking to progress.


Our passion might as well not exist unless we share it. It’s a source of happiness and brings positivity to our lives.

That’s the reason why, along with our distribution network and other business partners, we invest so much energy ensuring that new and future generations can discover the world of board/water sports thanks to the open-door accessibility of our One Design classes, O’pen Skiff, T293 and TWF 130.


As a major player in the board and water sports industry, we are fully aware of our responsibility  to guarantee that our products  will deliver endless fun on the water for all our customers as well as the sustainable future we all hope for.

That’s why all our products are manufactured to be as long-lasting as possible. Our manufacturing facility in France is respectful, consumes little energy and produces zero polluting emissions. All our manufacturing off-cuts are recycled, and more than half of all our products are recyclable at the end of their life.


We are proud to be the only major manufacturer of board and water sports equipment operating in Europe.

At our production facility in France we conceive and construct the vast majority of our products. Working together as a team, using our unique experience and know-how, distributing our products in more than 90 countries.


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