Paddleboarding is a lifestyle at SIC Maui, and it's our goal to make sure you know what gear is right for you. The right gear will ultimately help you grow your skills and take you on new types of paddleboarding adventures. Whether you are a beginner, paddling purely for fitness, adventure, or aspiring to be the best in the world, we've designed a board that is perfect for you. We offer various constructions from the super tough thermo-formed outer skin to the lightest weight composite giving you performance and durability options.

Best in class paddleboards made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other materials held together by a resin, and hardened around a lightweight EPS foam core. 

Inflatable (Air-Glide) boards are compact, lightweight, and transportable. They roll up into a backpack carrier, complete with a pump, fin, leash, and repair kit. 

The new RST, 
All-water Rocket Ship Turbo

The NEW RST all-water race and touring board has a dugout cockpit and provides exceptional rough water agility in chop and heavy swell.

But does not compromise its excellent glide in the flats. It's your one-board quiver for all your racing and touring needs.



In a world full of cross-over boards, the XRS race board is a master of one thing - flat water racing. It’s a purebred board with a one-track mind: to beat the clock, to win!

XRS - Master of Flatwater RacingXRS - Master of Flatwater Racing


The RS has become a favorite amongst paddlers of nearly all levels and garnered the prestigious SUP Connect “Race Board of The Year” award in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The RS has now been fine-tuned and made even faster in flat / all-water conditions and is substantially more durable. The refinements are slight, but the improvement to top-end speed is significant.



We classify the Saber as a surf cruiser because when the surf comes up, the Saber will not let you down. These boards ride like a longboard. They carry speed down the line and cruise effortlessly through the break and on the flats.

SABER 10'6" x 30.0" - The Surf CruiserSABER 10'6" x 30.0" - The Surf Cruiser

Find the right board

This guide is designed to help new paddlers find a board that will be stable and fun to use. 


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Featured Products

  1. SUP ATLANTIS 14'0'' x 22.0''
    Rigid Super-Fly
    Atlantis 14'0'' x 22.0''
    The Atlantis in SF rough water raceboard has a dugout-style cockpit and is made with lightweight Super Fly molded Carbon sandwich construction. Its step channel bottom, outline, and cockpit provide a low center of gravity, making this board a stable choice for rough water seekers looking for stability.
  2. Okeanos Expedition Air 14'0'' x 30.0''
    Inflatable Fusion Skin
    Okeanos Expedition Air 14'0'' x 30.0''
    All-Round FlatwaterTouring
    The Okeanos Expedition Air with drybag style backpack allows you to plan one-way adventures or use your paddleboard as a commuting option.
  3. RS Air 12'6'' x 29.0''
    Inflatable Carbon Fusion Lite
    RS Air 12'6'' x 29.0''
    All-Round FlatwaterRaceTouring
    The RS Air's refined outline with rails double sealed make it the best displacement-shaped, all-water, multidiscipline inflatable for fitness, touring, and race.
  4. Okeanos Air 11'0'' x 29.0''
    Inflatable Fusion Skin
    Okeanos Air 11'0'' x 29.0''
    All-Round FlatwaterTouring
    The Okeanos Air is ready for adventure on the road. It takes its composite counterpart's dimensions and key features, like plenty of tie-down locations in the nose and tail, to haul gear and ample volume to float a wide range of paddlers.