Techno 293 OD | Well energised and back to normal!

The Covid period seems to be finally disappearing in the rear-view mirrors, and the 2022 sporting season of Techno 293 OD is already looking well energised and more like normal than the last two years, with a full and rich calendar of national and international events.

Despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions and the absence of some teams because of travel difficulties, the 2021 World Championships still managed to gather over 300 riders together on the fabled spot at Torbole on Italy’s Lake Garda. An impressive number for all the competition categories, but especially the new U13s class, which made its debut with a remarkable number of entrants, over 60 of them.

2022 is looking extremely positive with big numbers of riders registering in every category. The latest new big thing of windsurf foil has done nothing to reduce the interest in Techno 293 OD, which is as strong as it ever was, everywhere.

For example: Israel, which sent a slimmed-down team in 2021 because their national sport politic had gone heavily for windsurf foil, is back this year with a proper full team for the 2022 European Championships. And we’re expecting to see the welcome return of the Asian, Australian, American, South American and New Zealand teams at all the big international events! We will all be sorry not to be joined by our friends from the Russian teams, who will not be competing at any 2022 International Championships, for the very sad reasons that we don’t need to explain here.  


The first round of 2022 events will see the appearance of our new One Design 5.0 rig, specially conceived and produced for the U13 category. It will level the playing field for the lighter weight riders who are often over-powered in stronger conditions by the current 5.8 m2 rig.

More good news: The Techno PLUS board is now the official board for the 2022 European and World Championships. No surprise to know that many national teams appreciate how it allows over 17s to carry on racing at national and international level on a board they already understand and enjoy.  

You can find out everything you want or need to know about the Techno 293 OD International Class right here, with a full 2022 major site update appearing soon.


Techno 293 and Techno PLUS European Championships

17th to 23rd April in Cagliari/Sardinia/Italy

Techno 293 and Techno PLUS World Championships

29th October to 5th November in Limassol/Cyprus