Where will you fish from next? We’ve got options!

“Teach someone to fish, and they’ll fish for a day. Teach someone to paddle and they’ll fish for a lifetime!”


Anglers looking for the perfect compromise between glide and stability in their next fishing kayak will appreciate the Java Fishing kayak. Ideally suited for lakes and slow-moving rivers, the Java features a long waterline and smooth hull design for efficiency during longer-distance fish trips while remaining stable and easy to paddle.

Using Twin Sheet Technology, the hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation creating a kayak that is lighter, stronger, and with a smoother finish than typical rotomolded fishing kayaks. Build for solo excursions, its lightweight and integral roller system makes it convenient to transport.

Better still: comprehensive fittings and accessories provide the angler with varying options to personalize their setup for each trip.


  • Stable THD (Similar to A Tri-Maran) Hull Design
  • Generous rear storage area
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Integral rollers for easy solo transportation
  • Ergonomic anti-slip seat
  • Replaceable, removable stern and bow protectors
  • Anti-slip rail pads
  • Bow and stern handles
  • Integral deck lines for ease of reboarding


Fishing from a paddleboard can offer unique advantages to anglers, including better visibility, greater accessibility, and improved range of movement.

Even though the 11’0 BEACH CROSS-YAK was not design specifically for fishing, it is an ideal fishing platform for paddlers with moderate balance and fitness to navigate still or slow-moving waterways.

This rigid board offers smoother performance and greater agility than an inflatable paddleboard. Made using our signature Tough Tec construction, this board is virtually ding-proof and built to last.

Anglers accustomed to fishing from a kayak will enjoy the 11’0 BEACH CROSS-YAK’s 2-in-1 paddleboard to kayak conversion feature allowing the rider to make easy configurations to meet their needs and comfort.


  • Complete Package
    Includes:  convertible paddle, seat, footrest, and leash
  • Multiple Attachment Points
    Allows for placement of seats, footrests, bungees, or gear
  • Full Embossed EVA Foam Deck Pad
    Maximum comfort and grip
  • Keeled Nose
    Enhanced tracking and glide
  • Ergo-Grip Carry Handle
    Easy and comfortable transport
  • Made in France
    High-performance and long-lasting board