O’pen Skiff North American: Open minded!

Dames Dominate! O’pen Skiff North American “Un-Regatta” at US Sailing Center Martin County the March 26-28, 2021.

In another Class first, the O’pen Skiff class is proud to say that the 2021 North American Championship is the first known major class championship to have more female than male competitors in a mixed event.  Caroline Locke took the series on her home waters over fellow O’pen Skiff veterans, Joe Marynowski from Buffalo Canoe Club and Alice Le Roux from Halifax Youth Sailing.   Lachlan Duer of Beaufort Sailing Club (SC) was the Under 13 division champion, impressively finishing 8th overall.

Sailors from across the U.S. came to Jensen Beach, to enjoy Florida’s finest sailing conditions.  Many emerged from Covid hibernation to participate in their first event in over eighteen months.  The Indian River provided warm winds from 7-23 knots over the three-day regatta.  Seventeen races were completed, as well as the notorious O’pen Skiff Freestyle competition. The veteran O’pen Skiff sailors thrived in the upper wind speeds, while newer racers gained valuable new experience.

The O’pen Skiff Class is known for many innovative new racing formats. Sailors navigated through unique slalom courses, mandatory capsizes, and other required boat handling moves.  The “Bridge of Doom” once again excited sailors thirsty for the prospect of triumph or tragedy. Regardless of the outcome, it was all smiles in our laid-back racing culture.

We are sorry to have missed the more than thirty sailors who couldn’t attend this year’s event due to their home state’s travel or school quarantine guidelines.  We are all looking forward to the 2022 North Americans, likely in Charleston, SC, April 22-24, 2022.

Results:  https://theclubspot.com/regatta/TcaLtnLtjJ

56 competitors on the starting line!

The veteran O’pen Skiff sailors thrived in the upper wind speeds

The “Bridge of Doom” once again excited sailors!