Fierce competition during the Euro tour SUP in Barcelona

All the hype for the biggest event of the year didn’t disappoint at stop 4 of the Euro tour SUP 2024 in Barcelona. We had spectacular action, with again challenging conditions that made everyone earn their finish.

Conditions weren't always easy, with swell and chop, although the sun was shining and the atmosphere on Barcelona beach was friendly. 

Seychelle rewarded after intense battle 

For the women’s race, our SIC athlete Seychelle finishes 3rd in the technical race and 10th on the long distance. Rika took the 12th place at long distance.

It’s a good performance knowing how though the competition was this weekend in Barcelona.  

On the podium, Espe Barreras (Spain) return saw right back in gold although she went back and forth with her rival: Mari Carmen Rivera.


The puerto ricana finishes second after a huge battle and consolidates her 1st position on the total ranking.  

A line-up worthy of the world's top races 

For the men’s race, the SIC athletes gave their best. Pierre Alain Debois finished 2nd Master and 36th in the long-distance race.

But there was still some disappointment at the end of the competition for the other. In the long distance, Ludovic finished 14th and Ethan 20th, as David was unable to finish the race. 



Young riders Joan Garcia and Eliott Bry were also there to battle it out on the SIC boards.

They are inspired by Shuri Araki, the big winner of the event who dominates the Eurotour while still in the Junior category.

Most of our athletes have used the new RST and are very enthusiastic about it.