Flite FW 2000

Ideal for

Discovery & progression phase
Control at low speed
Tacking and jibing with ease


Lower aspect ratio FWs for better low-end performance, stability and take off.

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Key Features & Benefits

Low Aspect Ratio Front Wing  Better low-end light wind performance, stable, perfect for discovering the sport. Plug-and-Play: One fuselage, one front wing, one mast, one stabilizer

Front wing sizes adjusted to rider weight 2000: <80-100 kg +

Mast, Fuselage, Plate, Connector Construction: Aluminium

Front Wing & Stabilizer Construction: Carbon wrap.

Marine-Grade Hardware - Torx 8MM Strong and corrosion resistant

Padded Carry Bag/Covers For maximum protection

Technical Specs

  • Code 108279
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Material Carbon Wrap
  • Front wing surface 310 in² / 2000 cm²
  • Front wing material Carbon