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Inflatable Support Stringer Technology
All-Round Flatwater

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Paddleboard parties
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Paddleboard schools
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Grab 6-8 of your friends and have some supersized fun with the Mothership. Great for rental shops, camps, schools, and family fun.

Product Specifications

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  • Complete Dimensions 518 cm x 150 cm x 1200L
  • Weight 71.0 lbs / 32.2 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 1765 lbs / 800 kg
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Stand up paddle boarding just reached a whole new level of fun with this super-sized addition to the SIC range, the Mothership! This massive board is fun for the entire family. Grab your kids or friends and hit the water with what is guaranteed to make your weekend outing most memorable. If you are running an event, then grab a few and have some fun races. For the more adventurous among you, grab some friends, paddle out to the line-up, and try catching some waves altogether, if you’re not having too much fun already.

The Mothership is ideal for schools and rentals and will turn people into paddlers while generating money for y our operation. This board is best in class, featuring Fusion Skin Technology (FST) construction and equipped with numerous handles for the kids to sit and hold onto (otherwise known as the “Oh S#!T” handles) if you’re playing in the surf. Get ready for some mega fun with the Mothership!

Key Features & Benefits

6-8 adult capacity Hold up to 1700 lbs

30 Neoprene carry handle For easy transport

Heavy-duty tow D-ring (located in the nose on the bottom) For towing when needed

Air7 polycarbonate fin box Durable and solid connection

Honeycomb textured EVA deck pad For traction and grip

Neoprene center carry handle For easy transport

Leash plug To connect a leash for safety

Action camera mount on the nose To capture your adventures on the water

Board Profile

Rider's Level


Type of Activity

All-Round Surf
All-Round Flatwater

Technical Specs

  • Code 105235
  • Model Mothership
  • Shaper Mark Raaphorst
  • Length 17'0'' / 518 cm
  • Width 59.0'' / 150 cm
  • Volume 1200 L
  • Weight 71.0 lbs / 32.2 kg
  • Max Riders Weight 1765 lbs / 800 kg
  • Handle Type NEOPRENE
  • Inflatable Max Pressure 15
  • Finbox Configuration Set Up Single US Box + 4 FCS FUSION
  • Supplied fin(s) 8" Mahi nylon + 4 FCS FUSION 4.5 NYLON
  • Product Type Inflatable
  • Technology Support Stringer Technology
  • Country of Manufacture China

Package Includes

Package Includes

The Mothership comes with:

  • 1x Mothership board
  • 1x Dual chamber, high-volume pump
  • 1x 5 Fin setup / 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon)plus 4 side fins (nylon)
  • 1x Repair kit with fin screw + plate
  • 1x Wheelie backpack