SIC athletes showed off their skills all over the world last weekend!

Nearly 400 riders took part in the DefiWing Challenge in Gruissan.

This year, 150 more wingfoilers took part in the event than last year, with several races including a 40-kilometers marathon event in the form of the DefiWind Challenge.

Around 370 riders competed, all on the best race-specific wingfoil equipment, and SIC was there to represent them. 

Starting line for the DefiWing challenge
Starting line for the DefiWing challenge

SIC Junior Athlete Anaé Rio from France brought home the gold in the U16 division with a remarkable finish. Anaé has only been wing foiling for a couple of years, but her strong sailing, windsurfing, and surfing background made it an easy progression. 

SIC Global Athlete Raz Sayre from the U.S. made his first appearance at the Defi and placed 47 out of 370 participants.

These are darn good results for a first-timer competing against such an elite wing foil group. And he did it all on his Slash foils, Raptor V3 wing, and SIC foil board.

Raz stepped into the competitive scene for SIC for the first-time last year at the SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge, where he placed 3rd in the racecourse and 5th in the downwind race.

This year, you will find Raz racing in Europe and in the U.S. showcasing SIC foiling gear. 


Here is the final ranking: Resultats WING • DEFI Wind 2024

SIC athlete Raz Sayre from the USA took part in the DefiWing Challenge for the first time, ranking 47th out of 370 participants.

Stage 3 of the Eurotour 2024 in Sancti Petri (Spain): plenty of action and success for the athletes.  

Rika Okuaki (Japan) SIC athlete on the 3rd step of the podium.

Spectacular action today at stop 3 of Eurotour 2024 Sancti Petri (Spain) that went down with sun, waves & light wind. The setup at “Atenas playa” in the beautiful Labarrosa went down flawlessly for everyone’s enjoyment.

For the women’s race, Mariecarmen Rivera (PUR) put down her best performance to date to claim gold. Keeping her stiff opposition at bay, she sustained the lead from start to finish.

One of the best performances was from the Spanish Duna Gordillo who was the only one that kept close to the winner on a fine performance.

On her first Eurotour competition, the Japanese Rika Okuaki impressed everyone in reaching the third place.

For the men, the Japanese Shuri Araki completely dominating the racecourse.

One of the most in form paddlers at the moment is the Spanish Aaron Sanchez that had one of his best performances as he managed to secure second place.

The world's best athletes were well represented in Sancti Petri this weekend.

Our SIC’s athlete David Leao (brasil) closed the Top5 in this highly competitive event, also very close to a place on the podium. 

Here are the results and total ranking of the Eurotour SUP: 2024 RESULTS | EuroTourSUP 

SIC athlete David Leao (Brazil) finishes the event in a strong 5th place.

Fantastic event in the Caribbean at Aruba Hi-Winds.

Terence Clappers (number 23) at the Aruba Hi-Winds race.

New Global Wing Foil Athlete Terence Clappers from Bonaire places 2nd in both slalom and long-distance wing foil race at the Aruba Hi-Winds competition. Terence was up against Rob Douglas, stiff competition who beat him by 1 point.

A rider to look out for! 

Terence Clappers (BON) at the Aruba Hi-Winds competition.