The world is different right now from what we're all used to; for many of us access to water is limited at best, so SIC Maui just launched #SICTalkStory on Facebook and Instagram to keep the SIC community connected and motivated. “Talk Story” is a Hawaiian phrase that means you sit around and chat with one another, sharing ideas, stories, history, and life. So far we've gathered many of our SIC athletes and ambassadors to chat about topics ranging from general fitness and stretching to SUP fishing to the new SIC Surfboards! 



There are currently three segments; the schedule for that week depends on the availability of our athletes and ambassadors. Keep an eye on our social accounts for the schedule that week.


Brews & Boards - Grab your favorite brewed drink and join some of our athletes and ambassadors in these pre recorded or live sessions as they talk about everything from board designs to upcoming events, what they're currently up to, and more! These videos are posted on Fridays.


Wellness Wednesdays - Some of our athletes go live on our Facebook Account to demonstrate exercises and stretches, and talk about nutrition and health. These watermen and waterwomen go live on Wednesday Mornings 11am EST / 8am PST.


Paddling Tips - This is our newest segment specifically for sharing some of our favorite tips with you to help your progression out on the water! These pre recorded or live segments will also go out on Wednesdays.


Missed out on any of the episodes? We're working on uploading all of the recordings - check them out at on our Youtube Channel!