Smuggler 9'4"

Rigid Star-Light

Ideal for

Traditional surfers who are looking for a classic longboard glide
Beginner to advanced surfers will love the Smuggler in small-to-medium size waves
Any surfers who want to catch more waves and have more fun in weaker waves


An authentic traditional longboard shape, the SIC Smuggler model delivers timeless style, glide, flow, and fun.

Product Specifications

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  • Complete dimensions 284.5 cm x 57.8 cm x 79L
  • Weight 12.3 lbs / 5.6 kg
  • Max riders weight 200 lbs / 90 kg
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Smuggler 9'4"

An authentic traditional longboard shape, the SIC Smuggler model delivers timeless style, glide, flow, and fun.

Subtle nose concave, 60/40 rails, continuous tail rocker, and a single fin make the Smuggler a nose riding dream. Precise yet smooth curves make these boards as beautiful as they are functional.

Key Features & Benefits

Authentic traditional longboard shape Delivering a traditional longboard style experience

60/40 rails and continuous tail rocker, and single fin Make nose riding a dream

Single fin box For traditional longboard setup

Leash plug Connect leash for safety

Starlight construction Offers the optimum strength/weight ratio on the market for light, durable performance surfboards

Board Profile

Rider's Level


Wave Size


Technical Specs

  • Code 103377
  • Model Smuggler
  • Shape Longboard
  • Shaper Jon Henderson
  • Max riders weight 200 lbs / 90 kg
  • Length 9'4" / 284.5 cm
  • Width 22.8" / 57.8 cm
  • Volume 79 L
  • Weight 12.3 lbs / 5.6 kg
  • Finbox configuration set up Single US Box
  • One foot off tail 15.3'' / 38.8 cm
  • Supplied fin(s) -
  • One foot off nose 18.5'' / 47 cm
  • Product type Rigid Composite
  • Technology Star-Light
  • Country of manufacture Vietnam

Package Includes

The smuggler 9'4'' comes with:

  • 1x board
  • Fins sold separately

Star Light (SL) construction features a full epoxy and fiberglass skin laminated over a full PVC Sandwich. These materials are wrapped around a lightweight EPS core, making them incredibly light, lively, and durable.

The full PVC sandwich wraps around the EPS core (top, botteom, 360-degree around the rails) for unprecedented durability and world-class performance. The boards are molded just like the Marlin to ensure that every board is an exact replica of the master shaped by Jon Henderson.