At the first international Techno Wind Foil event that took place at the end of October 2020 on Lake Garda, Italy, numerous clubs and teams were able to see the qualities and potential of Techno Wind Foil 130 at first hand. Great performance in light winds, easy accessibility, smooth control in stronger winds!


Hundred of boards sold in 17 countries

The net result is that in less two months hundreds of Techno Wind Foil 130 boards were sold in 17 different countries, and a number of national sailing federations have already incorporated Techno Wind Foil in their 2021 event calendars

Full International Calendar finalized

Speaking of which, a full international calendar is currently being finalised and we can now bring you the dates of the main 2021 events. Obviously, this calendar is open to modification depending on how the Covid pandemic and its physical/social restrictions evolve. 

Techno Wind Foil 130 Board

The Techno Wind Foil 130 on water

Six competition rounds to get International Class recognition

You will notice that several of the events coincide with the Techno 293 OD 2021 calendar, giving those competitors the opportunity to try Techno Windfoil 130 racing at international level. It also gives the Techno 293 OD class national coaches and team managers a chance to test the equipment for themselves. At all the international events TAHE will be providing a small fleet of "charter" boards and foils.


These six competition rounds will enable Techno Foil 130 to make the case for full international class recognition at the next full World Sailing international conference at the end of this year. 

A dedicated Techno Wind Foil 130 class web page is now avalaible on-line on the Techno 293 OD website, with all the event information, class rules and regulations. 

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