Battle 85

$ 479.95

Ideal for

High cadence paddling Sprinting
Long distances


The cut to length Battle paddle has a clean catch, delivers smooth efficiency in your stroke's power section, and is ideal for distance and high cadence.

Key Features & Benefits

Blade sizes 75 and 85 sq. inches With a High Aspect Ration Shape (HAR - longer narrower shape) made of 100% 12k carbon prepreg, ABS, PVC core. For power and efficiency while sprinting or over longer distances

Flex: 35 mm, 100% 3k prepreg carbon, non-slip texture Firm flex which gives maximum power to the blade face for acceleration and top-end speed

CTL (Cut To Length) 87"/221cm Cut the shaft to fit your size

Standard diameter For a traditional paddling feel in hand

3k Carbon Ergo2 T-Grip Provide both comfort and grip while paddling hard

Shaft compatible with the Ergo2 Grip or Lever Lock adjustable grip (26 mm - LL sold separately) Lightest weight or maximum adjustability - 6"/15.2cm or

Technical Specs

  • Code 105425
  • Model Battle
  • Shaft Material 100% prepreg 3K Carbon
  • Paddle Grip 3K Carbon ergo2 T-Grip
  • Shaft Type Round
  • Shaft Flex 35 mm flex
  • Adjusting system Cut to lenght (CTL)
  • Paddle Weight 1.9 lbs / 420 gr
  • Blade width 7.2'' / 182 mm
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Paddle Material 100% Carbon
  • Shaft length 87" / 221 cm
  • Shaft diameter 27.8 mm
  • Blade material 100% 12K Carbon Prepreg
  • Blade angle 10°
  • Blade Area 85in² / 548 cm²
  • Blade length 17.3'' / 440 mm
  • Color 200C RED

Package Includes

The Battle 85 comes with:

  • 1x paddle
  • 1x Ergo 2 T-Grip Handle