Paddling With the Wind at Your Back
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Downwind paddling is SIC's roots. It means to paddle in one direction with the wind at your back and conditions under your feet. Lots of downwind imagery is of paddlers riding larger open ocean swells; however, anyone can paddle downwind on harbors, lakes, and rivers. We've created performance downwind boards that can handle a variety of conditions from open swell to river chop that allow you to hone your skills and progress when you're ready.

  1. RS 14'0''
    Rigid Super-Fly
    RS 14'0''
    As low as $ 3,299.95
    In stock online
  2. BULLET 14'0''
    Rigid Dragon-Fly
    BULLET 14'0''
    All-Round FlatwaterDownwindTouring
    As low as $ 2,149.95
    In stock online