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Ideal for

Advanced foiler's
High lift and low drag
High-end top speed


The Raptor stab 260 is designed for more advanced riders. It’s high-lift, low-drag design is efficient and capable of achieving high top-end speeds. You will glide faster and longer with this design.

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Key Features & Benefits

100% prepreg carbon fiber Front Wings + Rear Wings For lightness and stiffness

Interchangeable front and rear wing wings Gives you the option to change out components when conditions change

Marine-grade hardware Strong and corrosion resistant

Technical Specs

  • Code 107249
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Material Carbon
  • Mast length -
  • Mast material Carbon
  • Fuselage lengh -
  • Fuselage material Carbon
  • Front wing surface -
  • Front wing material Carbon
  • Stabilizer material Carbon
  • Stabilizer surface 260 cm²
  • Foil box -