$ 219.95

Ideal for

Beginners and advanced foiler's
Control at low speed
Great lift at low speeds
Superior lift and maneuvrability


The Raptor Stab 440 offers superior lift, maneuverability, and control at low-speed. It tacks and jibes with ease.

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Key Features & Benefits

100% prepreg carbon fiber Front Wings + Rear Wings For lightness and stiffness

Interchangeable front and rear wing wings Gives you the option to change out components when conditions change

Marine-grade hardware Strong and corrosion resistant

Technical Specs

  • Code 107250
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Material Carbon
  • Mast length -
  • Mast material Carbon
  • Fuselage lengh -
  • Fuselage material Carbon
  • Front wing surface -
  • Front wing material Carbon
  • Stabilizer material Carbon
  • Stabilizer surface 440 cm²
  • Foil box -