Raptor Wing v1 - 7.0

Soaring with Power, Stability and Agility

Raptor Wing v1 - 7.0

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Ideal for

Target use depends on rider size, wind speed, skill level and intended use.
Beginners - advance foilers


Working in collaboration with sister company CORE Kiteboarding, a leader in kite design and technology, SIC is proud to introduce the raptor

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Key Features & Benefits

EVA core handle grips Enjoy comfort, control, and agility.

In-flow panel design Stabilizes the wing canopy shape.

Proprietary ExoTex® Dacron fabric structure Allows for a higher-pressure airframe and substantially increases tube strength and rigidity. The non-stretch Dacron improves airflow, flight stability, and prevents seam bulging on the leading edge. Expect snappy turns, explosive lift, and smooth sailing upwind.

CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP canopy Sets the standard in breaking strength, tear resistance, UV protection, elongation, and overall durability.

Trailing edge battens To stabilize leech for better control while flying.

Windowless design For maximum performance.

Dual Quick inflation valves For pressure control and safety.

Key Features & Benefits

Technical Specs

  • Code 107240
  • Windows No
  • Front handle 1
  • Bladder handle 3
  • Sail material CoreTex
  • Bladder material TPU
  • Length central bladder 180,9
  • Wing span 173 in / 4.4 m
  • Inflatable max pressure MAX < 8 PSI
  • Country of manufacture Sri Lanka

Package Includes

Package Includes

The Raptor Wing comes with:

  • 1x Wing
  • 1xWrist leash
  • 1x Carry backpack
  • 1xRepair kit