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The town of Les Sables d'Olonne (France) hosted the ISA 2023 World Championships from September 25 to October 1. SIC Maui, a pioneering brand in Stand-up Paddle, was proud to support the international SUP community as an official partner of ISA Stand-up paddle World Championships. For these international stand-up paddle championships, over 200 athletes from 30 countries came to compete on the Vendée coast. 

For 7 days, weather conditions were ideal for riders to compete in the various disciplines of the event: SUP Surf, Technical Race, Long Distance, Sprint and Relay. 6 SIC International athletes were present: Rika Okuaki (Japan), Caroline Kuntzel (Denmark), David Leao (Brazil), Campbell Carter (USA), Soryn Preston (USA) and Ginnie Betts (England).

Many riders also participated on SIC boards. The atmosphere was truly exceptional, filled with passionate ocean enthusiasts and the world's top riders!


Let's take a look back at this week's competition!

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At the beginning of the week, the SUP surfing races took place at the Tanchet beach. A great show on the waves!

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Today in Les Sables d'Olonnes was a fantastic day, as the SIC riders kicked off their racing endeavors. They exhibited tremendous energy and determination, battling it out in the semi-finals, vying for a spot in the top half to advance to the technical race finals.

In the boys' race, David and Campbell competed in the first half, finishing 6th and 8th respectively. Among the girls, Soryn raced in the first pool and secured a respectable 7th place, while Rika excelled in the second pool, finishing an impressive 4th.

As the tide rose, the waves gained strength and size, providing the riders with a challenging environment that led to a few spills. But that's all part of the game - giving up isn't an option!

As a result, all of them have secured their places in the technical race finals scheduled for tomorrow, Friday. It's a stage where the best from the two pools will compete fiercely for a coveted medal. Tomorrow also holds the promise of the Junior technical race final, where Campbell and Soryn will once again demonstrate their skills and determination.



Today was a significant day for the SIC riders, starting with the junior race featuring Campbell and Soryn. Conditions were a bit calmer, with fewer waves along the shore, though there was still a slight chop and less wind.

In this junior race, Campbell secured an impressive 4th place while Soryn clinched 2nd. The SIC riders demonstrated exceptional prowess, leading the race from the forefront and delivering an outstanding performance, showing themselves to be amongst the strongest worldwide.

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A few hours later, the focus shifted to the open technical race final. In the boys' division, David claimed a commendable 7th position, with Campbell securing the 21st spot. Then, in the girls' category, Rika achieved an admirable 7th place, followed by Ginnie in 11th, and Soryn in 19th. 

Taking part in this final shows the level of the SIC riders, who are gaining unvaluable experience against the 22 best in the world. Both on the water and on the beach, the presence of SIC boards was prominent, showcasing a strong representation of the brand.



On the sixth day of the championship, a long-distance race covering nearly 18 kilometers took place on Saturday. We cheered on two remarkable SIC riders, Rika and Ginnie, who secured the 10th and 12th positions, respectively. Once more, the conditions were ideal, offering a fairly flat course with strategic considerations for currents. Sunday marks the last day of racing, featuring relays and sprints, but not before a well-deserved moment of rest.

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On this last day of competition, we saw the sprints and team relays. The races followed one another, progressing through qualifying, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. Soryn, Campbell, and Rika advanced to the quarter-finals, while Caroline and David proceeded to the semi-finals. The relay for the national team was then held in teams of 4: 2 SUP men and women, and 2 prone men and women. As a conclusion to this sunny day, athletes took to the stage for the awards ceremony. Special thanks extend to all the organizers for orchestrating this exceptional event; we were honored to be a partner. Kudos to the SIC riders for their outstanding performance.

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