Do not use any SIC product unless you have read and understand these warnings, cautions, and instructions for your security and protection. This information is subject to change at any time. For updates, please visit our website at If you are under the age of 18, you should have your parent or guardian read these warnings, cautions, and instructions and should not use this product unless you are under such a person’s proper guidance and supervision. These products expose the user to many unavoidable and unexpected risks, injuries, dangers, and hazards. The product suppliers are not responsible for any damage to property, or any personal injury caused by the user’s use, misuse, abuse, or irresponsible use of this product. 



Foiling is a highly diverse sport with many disciplines and ability levels. As with all sports, there can be certain inherent risks. The following contains key safety points to remember when using all SIC equipment and accessories.

• Foiling can be very dangerous and physically demanding. The user of this product should understand that participation may involve serious injury or death.

• Children should always be under adult supervision.

• Check your equipment before use for signs of wear and failure. These items should be repaired or replaced immediately and before further use.

• Take time to observe conditions including sea state, tides, currents, weather and forecast before you go out on the water. Beware of foiling in offshore or strong winds.

• Watch out for other foil users, surfers, paddlers, swimmers, and small children. Make sure you always keep your equipment under control.

• Make sure to stay hydrated during foiling. Foiling is a physically demanding sport, and dehydration can also occur in cold temperatures.
Never foil alone.

• As you learn the sport, work within your limitations, and do not exceed them.

• Keep these warnings, cautions, and instructions for future reference.

• Seek foiling instructions from a licensed or certified instructor.

• Always wear a leash.

• Always use appropriate protective gear and a personal floatation device as well as the correct protective clothing for the conditions, such as a wetsuit or UV top.

• Watch out when surfacing after falling in. The equipment may be closer than you expected due to waves, wind, board leash, etc.

• Be aware conditions can change. Always return to the beach if there is a significant increase in


By assembling or using this SIC Maui product, you agree that you have read and understood the SIC Maui instructions and warnings contained in this guide and all other printed material on the product before using this SIC Maui product in any way. Also, you agree and ensure that any additional users of this SIC Maui product read and understand the instructions and warning contained in this guide and all other printed material on the product before permitting that person to use this SIC Maui product.

Foiling is a HAZARDOUS activity. The use of any SIC Maui product involves inherent risks and dangers that may result in severe injury and death of both the user and others. In using this SIC Maui product and any of its components, you freely agree to assume and accept any known and unknown risks of injury to you and nonuser third parties when using this equipment. The risks of foiling can be significantly reduced by adhering to instructions and warnings contained in this guide and by using common sense. Always check all parts of your product thoroughly before each use. Failure to do so may result in personal injury or death.