Stellar 3x Thruster Nylon Fin


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Stellar 3x Thruster Nylon Fin

Stellar fins are the result of a partnership between our research & development teams in France Vannes ( France), the Brest-based firm Fil & Fab*, and our injection factory located in Merpins, (France).

Without sacrificing performance, these fins lower our impact by approximately 80% compared to fins traditionally produced in Asia. Due to their sustainable design, the Stellar fins earned the "eco-design" award at the Eco-Sports Awards in 2022.

The Stellar fins are reliable, high-performance fins! With a more prominent rake and a wider base, Stellar fins are forgiving, stable, and have a good snap in the wave. The fin has a progressive curve for added safety, in case of a wipeout. They are particularly suitable for our COMET and METEOR boards and are compatible with the FCS 1 and FCS 2 fin boxes (with adapters, not included).

Eco-designed, Stellar fins are 100% made in France, from harvesting to the finished product. Fishing nets are collected and recycled in Brest. They are crushed and then they are transformed into nylon pellets: Nylo®. This material is then turned into fins at our production site in Merpins (Cognac). The mold was specifically created by our teams is a technological and high-precision masterpiece. These fins are entirely recyclable at the end of their life.

*Fil & Fab is the French network for the recycling of fishing nets into a new raw material: Nylo®. Nylo® is a recycled polyamide made from 100% recycled fishing nets.

Key Features & Benefits

100% Made in France Reliable and high-performance fins

Eco-design award at the Eco-Sports Awards in 2022 For sustainability and the use of decarbonized raw materials in the creation of Stellar fins

New primary component material: Nylo® A recycled polyamide coming from 100% recycled fishing nets

3X Fins supplied Compatible with the FCS 1 and FCS 2 fin boxes (with adapters, not included)

Technical Specs

  • Code 109052
  • Finbox FCS
  • Material Nylon
  • Length 4.56'' / 11.6 cm
  • Country of manufacture France