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Raptor 5.0 wing

Soaring with Power, Stability and Agility

Raptor 5.0 wing

Ideal for

Target use depends on rider size, wind speed, skill level and intended use.
Beginners - advance foilers
Wind range: 12-23 knots


Small changes vs. the SIC Raptor 2021, with adjustment of handle position, ongoing improvement of wing tension.

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Raptor 5.0 wing

The SIC Raptor Wing has been designed and rigorously tested by the team on Maui and Europe. The wing’s leading edge utilizes a ultra-rigid, non-stretch, Dacron. Wich improves airflow, flight stability, and prevents seam bulging on the leading edge. Expect snappy turns, explosive lift, and smooth sailing upwind.

The wing's high aspect ratio provides tremendous power, and due to the shorter wingspan, it reduces the chance of your wing tip dragging in the water when powering up, tacking, jibing, and board touch-downs.

The Raptor wing uses an in-flow panel connecting the canopy with the control strut, ensuring that the wing maintains the most efficient aerodynamic profile during acceleration and cruising speed.

Our Triple Dura-Force canopy materials, a high- performance fabric, is strengthened with a unique coating process. Triple Dura-Force sets the standard in breaking strength, tear resistance, UV protection, elongation, and overall durability. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a Dura-Force built wing delivers.

The web handle loops help maintain control, trim, and comfort.

The rush-air valve system enables you to quickly inflate the wing to the requested inflation pressure with little effort and allows you to deflate the wing in case of pressure adjustment or when you want to pack up the wing.

Key Features & Benefits

IN-FLOW PANEL DESIGN Stabilizes the wing canopy shape.

DACRON LEADING-EDGE AND CONTROL STRUT Allows for a higher-pressure airframe and substantially increases tube strength and rigidity and to stabilize leach.

TRIPLE DURA-FORCE TECHNOLOGY (3DF) Triple Ripstop canopy with high tenacity polyester yarn canopy material for lightness, high tear strength, zero porosity and longevity.

WEB CONTROL HANDLE LOOPS   Enjoy comfort, control, and agility.

WINDOWLESS DESIGN For max. performance.

DUAL QUICK INFLATION/DEFLATION VALVES For pressure control and safety.

Key Features & Benefits

Technical Specs

  • Code 108260
  • Windows No
  • Front Handle 1
  • Bladder Handle 3
  • Bladder Material TPU
  • Length Central Bladder 148.6 in / 377 cm
  • Wing Span 147 in / 3.75 m
  • Inflatable Max Pressure MAX < 8 PSI
  • Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka

Package Includes

Raptor Wings come with:

  • 1x Wing
  • 1x Wrist leash
  • 1x Carry backpack (nylon)
  • 1x Repair kit

Setting up and Caring for your Raptor Wing

If you’re new to winging or just haven’t used our equipment before, here is some quick information to get you familiar with your wing and how to set up and care for your equipment. We strongly suggest that everyone reads our Foiling User Guide which is located on our website here. It includes not only these instructions but safety and warranty information as well.