Your Epic Self-Gifting Guide for a Swell Ride this Holiday Season

As the year waves goodbye and the holidays paddle closer, why not gift yourself the ultimate water-loving treat? We know you've earned it. SIC has something for every type of waterman– surf, SUP, and wing foiling. We want to make the decision a breeze for you—so we've gathered a selection of our favorites.  The sooner you select your gift, the sooner you can get out on the water and enjoy it.   

This guide is also useful for those of you who want to get into water sports! You can leave hints for your relatives or send them this article directly, so there will be no disappointments! Why not find the gift that's best suited to the wind and water conditions at your favorite local spot?

For Surfers 

Darkhorse 8’4 

Looking to catch your first wave this holiday season? Look no further than the Darkhorse 8’4 High Performance Softboard.

This board is great for beginners to advanced surfers looking for fun times in junky waves.

The foam-backed HDPE skin makes the board durable and offers more protection when you get tossed in the shore break. 

Longboard 9’0 

Style and contemporary performance come to life with the classic Longboard 9’0.

Beginners will appreciate the Longboard's volume and forgiving outline, while advanced wave walkers will be impressed with how it handles small to larger waves.  

For Paddlers 

Okeanos Air

The Okeanos Air is ever ready for an adventure.

It takes its composite counterpart's dimensions and key features, like plenty of tie-down locations in the nose and tail, to haul gear and ample volume to float a wide range of paddlers. 

XRS 14’0”  

For SUP racers looking for a true master of flatwater racing is guaranteed to beat the clock.

The XRS provides the best possible length to the width-aspect ratio, delivering a stable platform for a racer to power up for speed.

The flat bottom with the proportionally wide tail offers this foundation, and with an effective waterline, the XRS allows paddlers to achieve unrivaled acceleration. 

For Wingfoilers 

Raptor Wing V2  

When looking for both value and performance this holiday season, look no further than our Raptor Wing V2.

The wing’s leading edge utilizes an ultra-rigid, non-stretch, Dacron. Wich improves airflow, flight stability, and prevents seam bulging on the leading edge.

Expect snappy turns, explosive lift, and smooth sailing upwind.   

Raptor Wing V3  

Wingfoilers will love the newest addition to our Raptor Wing line the V3.

Whether you're a progressing or an experienced rider, the RAPTOR WING V3 will help you take your wing foiling to new heights.

Our new lower aspect ratio shape, combined with a segmented leading edge, provides better wing tip control while turning and increased stability while free-flying and wave riding.

The new center strut design with mini booms offers superior comfort and power management for pumping efficiency.


Roof rack straps 

The Rack Straps are perfect for strapping a board or small stack of board on the roof of your car, SUP or surfboard.