Raptor V3 - 7.0

Predator Power, Stability and Speed

Raptor V3 - 7.0

Ideal for

All Around wing flyer
Those looking for easy launching
Those looking to power up quickly for speed
Freestyle flyers


Whether you're a progressing or an experienced rider, the RAPTOR WING V3 will help you take your wing foiling to new heights.

Product Specifications

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  • Weight 7.47 lbs / 3.39 kg
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Raptor V3 - 7.0

Unleash predator power with the all-new Raptor Wing V3. Our team of experts have engineered a wing that is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding riders with exceptional features and unparalleled performance.

Our new lower aspect ratio shape, combined with a segmented leading edge, provides better wing tip control while turning and increased stability while free-flying and wave riding. The new center strut design with mini booms offers superior comfort and power management for pumping efficiency.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we've added new windows to improve visibility and meet upcoming safety requirements for racing. And with our range of half sizes, there's a RAPTOR WING for every riding condition and skill level. Whether you're a progressing or an experienced rider, the RAPTOR WING V3 will help you take your wing foiling to new heights.

Key Features & Benefits

Updated lower aspect shape with higher segmented leading edge Reduced wingspan for better wing tip control, improved turning, and stable free flying while maintaining upwind performance.

Thicker strut with new design For better pumping efficiency, power management, and ergonomic comfort.

Improved 3df Improved breaking strength, tear resistance, UV protection, elongation, and overall durability.

Improved ecotex leading edge Ultra-rigid, non-stretch leading edge material for better airflow and flight stability. Prevents seam bulging on the leading edge.

Stiffer durable fabrics with new paneling alignment Better tensioning to help reduce fluttering and improve wing longevity.

Mini booms For comfort, direct control, and superior ergonomics.

Medium dihedral Provides a perfect blend of power and speed with good stability.

Half sizes - 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7 Providing the right size wing for every riding condition and skill level.

New windows For better visibility/view for highspeed flying and all-round safety.

Key Features & Benefits

Technical Specs

  • Code 108952
  • Windows Yes
  • Bladder handle 2
  • Bladder material TPU
  • Length central bladder 98 in / 250 cm
  • Wing span 158 in / 4.0 m
  • Weight 7.47 lbs / 3.39 kg
  • Country of manufacture Sri Lanka
  • Surface 10850 in² / 7 m²

Package Includes

Package Includes

The Raptor Wing come with:

  • 1x Wing 7m²
  • 1x Wrist leash
  • 1x pump
  • 1x backpack
  • 1x Repair kit